The Swim a Day after Beach

[Sunday, 13 May, 2007]

I dozed off before 1am for the lack of sleep and weariness; it was a new record after so many months. I waked up after 7am and started working for my shares price.

I was totally disappointed when I received the news that only Yongcai and Gilbert would be going for the swim. Gilbert suggested going to Clementi instead of Jurong East since Jurong East would be more crowded.

I was late after rushing through my work. Gilbert and I met Yongcai at the entrance of the swimming complex. We got changed soon and went to the Olympic pool. There were two ropes dividing the pool into three parts and there were children at both the sides. We were chatting away for we did not know which side we could swim at and there was no signboard saying which laps were booked. When we started to swim at the lanes nearest to the audience seats, we were chased off. Basically, the three lanes were occupied by the test, two lanes were occupied by some elderly and the last three lanes were occupied by children, which somehow indirectly told us to leave. The people in charge of the pool could at least label which lanes were officially booked. We only got to finish ten laps, swimming in zip zap directions.

The hero

Yongcai and Gilberto


It started to rain and we got up to take our bath. We camped at the audience seats to wait for approval of the rain to allow us to leave. I started taking photos. It was pouring so heavily but there were still two people swimming inside and nobody chased them up.

We went to the market and I took the $4 chicken chop. I had a cup of water melon mixed with papaya but somehow it was not as satisfying as what I expected. We went to Bugis after that. I did not really want to go because I was very tired since I had spent a long time at beach the day before, however, continued to follow them since I did not want to disappoint them. In fact, I had told Gilbert earlier that I wanted to go home straight after the swim. I was so tired that I had to squat down and almost dozed off many times.

We ended up at Bugis. When Gilbert was trying out his clothes at S&K shop, Tze Siang finally arrived. We went to Bugis Street later but soon lost contact with each other. There were some babes walking around but I was too sleepy to enjoy the scenery.

During evening, I called my mum many times but she did not pick up and thus I joined them for dinner at the Burger King. It was Mother’s Day but since my mum’s birthday was close, we did not really celebrate it except for a meal together, which was very meaningless to me. I started dozing off on my wrists and they continued to chat. After waking up at seven plus, I realised we had sat there for around two hours.

I took the train home and started working. Television was good companion.

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