Too Slow

[Monday, 28 May, 2007]

I began the day with applying SP services for Kaven through internet. It was my first time but for most property agents, they should be used to it already.

I went to sleep at around 4am and waked up four hours later. After updating my websites, I left for work.

There were new chairs in the office and they actually produced a weird smell. I received the ClinicPlus member card, which was used for seeing doctors, such that I would only need to fork out five dollars at selected clinics; it was of course not as good as Gilbert’s one – free-of-charge.

Lunch was with the new intern, Eugene, Elgin and a few other developers. I took the duck rice for three bucks at the same stall which I bought char siew rice for two fifty, and basically they both sucked. I supposed the place was not as cheap as what they really thought.

It was actually a bad work day for the interruptions of my phone. I hated to be disturbed when I was trying to concentrate on my work but many things, such as the troublesome property agent work continued to pester me, driving me so sick. I began having a headache though I did not display it.

After work at around 6.30pm, a few of us went to get Sheila’s greeting card. We took train to Cityhall and managed to get one soon at Citylink. I could or rather, should go home immediately but since I stayed near, it was not nice to turn them down.

The semi dizziness and headache docked to my night. When my elder brother returned home after sending his girlfriend off, I wanted to use his visa card to register for the beach volleyball. The lousy website was revamped a bit and they did not allow registration anymore though the deadline was two days later.

I hated myself so much but nothing seemed to help. Somehow I felt that I had let down Wilson, Tze Khit and Ying Ying, and it was such a big disappointment that Tze Khit had finally agreed to help me out after so much persuasion.

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