Photography at Marina South Pier

[Tuesday, 26 June, 2007]

I raced till after 3am again and woke up before 8am.

There were some forum’s requests and later on I continued with the project. Lunch was at PSA with only a few people – Jeffery, Kannah, Wei Yeow, Ashqi and Eugene. We had great chat together.

It was another stressful afternoon with work piled up. Kaven called me to ask me about Starhub promotion, which I totally had no idea about since I did not feel the need nor have the time to follow up on their baits. I did not like people to disturb me when I was working partly due to distraction, as well as the wrong impression from superiors that I was slacking.

We had our usual jog at Marina South. This time, I brought along my phone and took photos upon arriving at the new Marina South Pier. I was quite pleased with the lighting but Kimmy refused to be my model. After that, we walked back lazily to the office.

I was struck in office after that because my team-mates refused to leave and I did not want to walk off myself. Since Ruifen was using my system, I was not able to do anything.

We left after 9pm. I started working and uploading the photos taken during the previous beach outing from the camera to my computer. After that, I took the card reader from my brother’s computer so that I could easily upload photos in future.

Wilson was busy organising a beach outing for the coming Sunday. He started asking around and those people who had always claimed busy when I approached them had surprisingly agreed to go. I was glad that many people were going since we had not had a big group outing for long but felt disappointed at the same time because of the different treatment from them.

I confirmed that it was pointless for me to organise any outing for the group since others could easily do a better job than me.

The Storytelling Meeting Session

[Monday, 25 June, 2007]

I woke up at 1am after dozing off an hour ago. Work piled up and I went back to sleep at around 3am. A daily routine of waking up at around 8am resumed.

It was a special day for the developers were shifting to the new work area, giving the excitements; whereas my team had to resume our work area inside the enclosed room. It might not be so bad after all since we had more piracy then, but I would really love to communicate more with the friendly, helpful and self-sacrificing developers.

Work was boring and the stupid project continued to bug the entire room. We had lunch at Wok Express where my team and some of the present male developers managed to get two tables. I sat with Ashiq, Jeffery, Kannah and Eugene, while Wei Yeow joined Carol, Liza and Cherrie at the table besides us. It was a great chat with the guys and I could feel that they were quite concern about my future as well. I had a plate of “Double Fish Fried Rice” but I could not see the fish. It tasted like salted fish though the rice was still as nice as the “Chicken Fried Rice”.

I felt the heat beneath my face and at times the skin turned oily such that I felt uncomfortable. The meeting with Thomas was delayed and at 3.30pm, it lasted till 5pm. It was basically a very causal meeting and most of the time was spent on storytelling from the organiser and he even showed us photos. It was a relaxing period for us but definitely not good when we had to rush the project.

We continued with the project till after 7pm and Elgin came in to give me last minute work. Thomas dropped by as well and I started sweating for I knew he had stories to tell again and it was at a total wrong time.

Eventually, I left at 8pm and it was not the end of the day since I had to continue with my work – updating of websites.

nEbO Beach Volleyball Fiesta 2007

[Sunday, 24 June, 2007]

I could not get to sleep for the work load but finally gave up after 3am. After waking up at 6.30am, I resumed my work when Ying Ying messaged me that she was sick, which got me quite panic since it was impossible to find a replacement at such hour.

I took train to Harbourfront and that was a wrong choice for I had to walk longer distance and it simply took me more time. I was late and Tze Khit was already waiting there. Mingfa, Weitat and Wilson had arrived at Seah Lm food centre and I was right that Wilson was late and therefore he changed his mind and drove his car down.

I had my breakfast there, taking a plate of wantan noodle. Adrian and his girlfriend joined us, followed by Ying Ying. Since Wilson was in my team, Mingfa told us to move off first while he, Weitat, Adrian and girlfriend would go in by bus. We reached there soon and got registered, and then found ourselves a pavilion. Mingfa and his gang joined us soon.

The briefing for the game was conducted by a coach cum referee from VAS by the surname of Lim. I was very stunned by the way he spoke like as if everyone owed him money. I recapped how Amen talked to me over the phone, telling me he hoped everything would go smoothly and yet the organisation allowed such rude person to oversee the entire event.

Anyway, one of the rules was that no one was supposed to take off his or her clothes during game play, which was totally ridiculous and insane since it was at a beach. It could be possible that someone had big tummy and did not want others to outshine him too much that he rather made everyone suffer from having ugly tan lines. The reason was that the referees had to differentiate each of us by our shirts, which was a laughing stock for the referees and scorers were sounded like idiots; perhaps, the person who set the rules, most probably Lim, had colour-blind with ultra short-sightedness that he thought every contestant was wearing exactly the same short.

It was one of the few beach volleyball competitions which we did not receive any shirt; some people could have purposely not bring extra clothes for they thought they would be given the singlet. Since they did not want to give away any shirt, they should not demand everyone to wear shirt at beach. Since that someone was already so insane, his condition might be worsened and the next year’s tournament might require every contestant to wear long sleeve shirts.

We lost the first game to a usual beach bum. He was friendly and had very good skill, but there were times when he dropped balls and the newbie non-certified referee did not penalise him. Eventually we lost the first game to his team.

There were numerous Q&A sessions. A group of Malays camped near there to snatch opportunities for free sandals and holidays resorts. We had our second game, which was a walkover. After that, Wilson, Mingfa, Weitat, Adrian and his girlfriend went to 7-11 store at the Beach Car Park with me to get some drinks. Each team could actually receive four cans of drinks from the organisers but when I went over, the auntie sounded so rude like as if I had gone there to collect from her before. It was the organisation’s fault for not giving off any coupon for the collection.

There was one hot girl with great figure sharing the same pavilion with us. I did not know that Jenrine’s friends knew her and I started joking about her loudly when she was playing her game. I was so embarrassed and hoped her friends would not know that I was talking about her.

We won the third game eventually and started waiting for news. I was dehydrated but did not dare to go to the 7-11 store for it was quite far away and the next game might start anytime. There was no announcement from the organisation and I was so not impressed by their attitude. The score board was not updated and when Mingfa talked to Lim about it, he did not show any shame and barked back instead.

“You still have to wait anyway.”

This irresponsible excuse from a high paid organiser employed by the NTUC took me aback. It was his duty to make sure his subordinate or colleagues to update the score board and not allowing some score sheets to be hidden for more than hour without transferring the results to the board, which he failed badly. Since it was his fault, he could have just apologised or at least, put in some words which any low educated parents would have taught their children. Even if I were given the chance to take his place, I might not do a better job, but at least I would be brave and honest enough to admit my mistake. He was simply a disgrace to his company and the organisation.

The thirst set me to a slower pace. Everyone was exhausted and we did very badly. The opponents showed their hypocrisy at the start of the game, which quite disgusted me in the end.

Ying Ying left immediately after the game and I walked her to the toilet near Beach Car Park. After which, I went to the 7-11 store in the hope to drench my thirst but all the drinks were not cold and I decided I would throw $1.50 worth of coins into the vending machine than to get more expensive and yet not cold drinks there.

When I got back to the pavilion, everyone was not around and a Malay guy came over to borrow ball from me. I was reluctant to lend him for various reasons and that I decided to stay around there in case he might try his luck on all of our unattended belongings.

Mingfa lost his fourth game to the same group of people who had beaten us. I got furious when I heard that the immature referee had announced their winning but changed her mind when the opponents, who were actually her friends, protested. This group of opponents were labelled as those cunning players since long ago but they were at hi-bye terms and everyone was very disturbed by their lack of sportsmanship.

This event was better than the previous Rip Curl’s disgraceful failure, but the person overseeing everything had spoilt everyone’s day. I had only seen an experienced referee, Brian, whereas the rest of the seemed very young and inexperienced, who had caused angers to many participants. Strong teams lost the games partially or fully due to the referees.

Weitat left on his own right after bathing. Adrian and his girlfriend seemed to have other plans as well. The remaining four of us took Wilson’s car to Vivo City and had our dinner at Food Republic. I took fish and chips at $5.80, which was not very worthwhile, but still better than the western food stall at Holland Village. After that, we went to the basement’s Kopitiam to have dessert. We did not have problems with the weird cleaners this time but the stall auntie tried to short-change Mingfa and faked innocence.

Since Tze Khit’s presence was rare, I accompanied him by taking train instead of bus. We had great chat during my short journey and he examined my injuries.

After reaching home, I realised I had missed the beginning part of the “Initial D” movie. While watching the show at channel U, I was distracted by my work. Right after the show, I dozed off on my brother’s room.

Volleyball at Clementi ITE after the Stayover at Benson’s House

[Saturday, 23 June, 2007]

It was an unusual morning crapping at Benson’s house instead of updating my website. We moved on to his bedroom from the warm living room and his air-con massaged us. Yaozhong left after 3am and that could have cost him a bomb on the cab fare. It was after 5am when I started to feel very sleepy but Cher Fong refused to let me doze off until near daylight.

Cher Fong and I left at around 8am. He flagged a cab downstairs while I took bus 900 back to Woodlands MRT. It was a tiring journey home where there was no available seat to house my heavy butts.

I started updating my sites upon reaching home and then dozed off. My mum woke me up for breakfast. Junrong and Jingkun messaged me in MSN. I dozed off from three plus to six and finally got up for volleyball at Clementi ITE.

When I was already on the train, Jingkun asked me to get him a bottle of 100plus. As I was already running late, it seemed quite ridiculous to ask me to get something when I still had to take the long route from the MRT by foot. Alas, I took the opposite direction to Clementi’s NTUC and bought other drinks since I could not find the original 100plus. By the time I got to the college, it was already near 8pm.

I started off as libero and subset on the second set, which I did not get to perform. I could not get used to the ball after not playing for weeks on the indoor court but eventually got back some feeling.

Since we had beach volleyball competition at Sentosa on the next day, we decided not to go for supper (which was supposed to be my dinner). Weitat went out with his friend while Wilson sent both Mingfa and I to Jurong East MRT station. I had a bad time on the train as a group of people surrounded me by the side of the door and made noise. I dropped my intention of doing some creative work on my notebook and sealed it inside my bag.

After reaching home, I started working instead of finding for food first.

Outdated Photos Status

This post will be kept on the top until all the outdated photos are uploaded. Currently, I have only uploaded some of the small scattered photos. More photos for outings will be up soon.

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Meeting after Office Hours and NP Gathering at Benson’s House

[Friday, 22 June, 2007]

I took rest at 3.30am and woke up at around 8am like usual.

I settled some of the forum’s problem before resuming the content populating work. Lunch was at PSA and it was supposingly the last meal together with Han Seng before his departure but he was not there somehow. However, it seemed to be Siva’s last day as well.

We were quite astonished to see Elgin joining us and since I was at the far corner where there were empty seats on my left, it was not a good sign for me. Luckily, Vani and Ashqi joined in before he bought his meal. Nobody seemed to be interested in talking to him and he left soon after finishing his food like the previous times.

I realised Kelly was leaving the next month and Ruifen could be leaving even earlier at the end of the month. It was a good meal with good chats.

I resumed work after lunch. Elgin came over to talk to me politely to ask me to approach the developers in future to ask for the number of hours needed for each new request. Since I was very shagged due to the boring work, I agreed with him without thinking. Later on, Liza got to know about this and I came to a clearer picture that we had so many projects to manage and he was actually playing “tai ji” again; he had to discuss with the programmers for the scoping as well and it was simply waste of my time if I were to chase the developers for this. We went over to talk to him immediately in Thomas’ presence and won the battle. I did not mind doing extra work but definitely not worthless ones.

My mum called me and told me she had helped me to bank in a thirty dollars cheque and I guessed it was from MediaCorp. Basically, it took them almost a month to pay me back.

I was working endlessly without taking any break other than going to the toilet since I was pouring water into my stomach in order to keep myself alive. I faced a big problem for some stylesheet items were not finalized and both Cherie and Liza had given me different answers. We wanted to pack up after 6pm but Liza insisted to finish off one section of work. Half an hour later, Vincent arrived and called for a meeting, which was quite a turn off. It was the weekend and we were already not leaving on time and yet he held the meeting at after office hour. The project would give him a large sum of money but we would not be benefitted no matter how much extra work we put in; we had done our best anyway during office hours. I wondered if he would display his appreciation for us after everything was over.

Anyway, my brain was totally shut down already. As Carol and Cherie were receiving most updates and doing the communication and distribution of work, Eugene, Liza and I kept quiet most of the time. Vincent were looking at our direction and I knew he was expecting us to give some updates as well, which I thought was so redundant and impossible.

Vincent shot at me for my share of work but my tiredness had swept my effort away from my mind. I had to ask Eugene for the section of my work, which was the biggest mistake. Basically, I was fighting alone at the section where many HTML tables were required and Eugene only got to join in at the last hour to accomplish a very small portion of my work. Whereas, we made it sound like both of us were doing everything together and thus, could have made Vincent mistake that our progress was very slow. At the moment, I felt lost as well with my brain numbed.

We left the place after 7pm. I went home straight but dozed off instead of updating my sites. I woke up to take my dinner and set off for Benson’s house after 9pm. It was a long and tiring journey to Woodlands and I had to even transit to bus after that. Yaozhong, Cher Fong and Wenchang were already there. The house was big and the balcony was nicely designed with tiles and a big fish pond. I joined in the conversation but soon, indulged in the television for my “Zou Xiang Gong He” on channel 8.

Ah Chang left before midnight because he had work for the next day.

Yes, You!

You do not like to confirm with others; you take things into your own hands and make assumption.

You think, I thought, who confirm?

What is the point of telling me when you have already made your own decision when I am not even the organiser?

You do not know how inconsiderate you have been all these years.

My Fast Pace

[Thursday, 22 June, 2007]

I managed to sleep at 3.30am after updating my sites. I woke up a couple of times and I could have been dreaming that I forgot that I was supposed to get up for work. Like usual, my mum prepared breakfast for me and heated up the two small “bao”.

Liza was on off for the day and there was a thread in the forum which I did not know how to handle, or perhaps, it would take me very long to settle it. Therefore, I decided to leave it for the next day and begin with the content population. Ruifen reminded me of a major mistake which I had made days ago by responding fast to client’s request for changes for a site; the developer was implementing something at the same time and unluckily, to the same file. Of course, it was not fully my mistake and I was proud of my initiative but somehow I still felt disturbed for causing the inconvenience.

However, I was informed that all the work done the previous day was lost due to crashing of the server, which occurred when the hard disk ran out of space. I was quite irritated for the linking of the subpages took me lots of efforts. However, I began working very fast.

Lunch was at the 103 coffee downstairs my house. Many people had gone together for it was Han Seng’s second last working day. I ordered a packet of carrot cake since I did not have much appetite and suddenly Elgin came over and said something like “we think alike”.

After we got back to the office, Han Seng messaged me through MSN for the first time. He asked me what was wrong with my nick which I set as “I prefer a daily update – THEN DO IT YOURSELF”. If he was not leaving, I would have confronted him earlier to seek for his help to stop all the time-wasting bullshit from the management. Anyway, I should have behaved more aggressive since the company seemed quite “open” sometimes and I would not be sacked for arguing about things which were wrong.

My pace increased steadily. I drank lots of water and took a number of Ferro Roche bought by Han Seng in order to keep myself more alert. At the end of the day, Cherie came to me with some HTML problems and it seemed quite impossible to fix everything. The entire team together with Wei Yeow, excluding Brian, left after 7pm. I accompanied them to the MRT station before going home.

After dinner, I dozed off for a while like the previous nights and woke up soon to start working.

I Officially Declared that E a Fucker

[Wednesday, 21 June, 2007]

I had my work till 3.30am and woke up before 8am. I started lazing around since it was still early and that I was very sleepy still. The entire morning was spent on rushing the project, which the team of four fought the battle together. I had somehow totally set aside the forum.

Lunch was at Wok Express, which was just across the street. I had a plate of chicken fried rice, which was tasty. The small cup of hot cappuccino was a waste of money but it tasted quite satisfying. Overall, I paid only six bucks, which was quite cheap for such good though simple food.

It was a tedious afternoon to do relinking of subpages for a page. I repeated the steps numerous times but the CMS was playing on me. This afternoon, I had no choice but to declare that the E was a fucker after reading an email. He simply threw the shit to Kelly who obviously did not know anything about this project. The company was paying so much to this fucker each month just for him to train his “tai ji” and push responsibility around.

Ruifen usually gave lots of tasks for the team and she wanted everything quick. I would not want to compare her with this fucker because by doing so was disrespecting her. She worked hard and tried to do things by herself, sacrificing her time before getting helps to accomplish all the tasks fast.

Something was wrong with the CMS and even another project was down. Finally, we got to rest for the afternoon. However, I was filled with rage to complete as much work as possible and the sudden pause was making me feel weird. It lasted till evening and I went off with Kimmy since nothing could be done anymore. I got to find out her story with the company and it somehow disappointed me.

After reaching home, my brother suggested ordering KFC for dinner. I dozed off before the delivery man arrived. We split the bill since he did not have enough cash. I took only a piece of thigh and chicken wing, which was my dinner.

The remaining time was again spent on updating my sites.