Purchasing Toiletries with Kaven

[Wednesday, 30 May, 2007]

I pursued until 4am before going off to bed. This day, I had forgotten to set my alarm and luckily my mum waked me up at 8.30am. I was still able to make it on time for work.

I was preparing to ask Sheila if I could take over her computer and she immediately told me to do it before I even hinted to her. She continued to guide me on the various projects but as usual, or rather, worse than ever. She got interrupted everytime when we got started and I was always waiting there for her so sleepily. I did try to do other work at the same time but she returned soon and the process repeated. She would just suddenly dash out of the room to talk to people or whatever. Since she meant well to handover her stuffs to me after all, I did not blame her.

I had lunch with the guys but it got boring after finishing my mixed vegetarian rice. It seemed difficult to click with them since they were already bonded and none of them would really approach me directly.

I continued to work after lunch and felt so disappointed with myself that I forgot to convert the GIF files to RGB mode before editing, such that my end products were not very clear. Work dragged on till 6.30pm and I rushed home, got changed and went down to wait for Kaven at 7pm.

He was late. He drove me to Geylang and I only managed to treat him to a can of drinks when I offered to buy it. We met up with his constructor and went to a shop where he bought his toiletries. The sinks and mirrors were very stylish looking. After that, we went to Takashimaya to search for his wallet but the shops were closed already. We went to the Food Republic at Wisma and had Japanese food at Grill and Sushi Bar. It was his treat again.

On the way to my house, he turned wrongly towards Clementi at the Tanglin Mall and made a U-turn back, which was a wrong choice for at Great World City, there was a bad traffic jam. The huge crowds outside Zouk amazed us.

This night I had deep thoughts in my mind. I started to wonder if I had been wrong all this while to keep myself at home. Teenagers at fifteen and sixteen had already been enjoying the night life but I remained traditional and dull. There were just too many things that I had not tried and simply did not dare to try.

I continued with my work after reaching home.

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