House Moving for Kaven

[Sunday, 03 June, 2007]

I dozed off after 3am and finally waked up near 10am.

I met up with Kaven downstairs my house, in front of Amara hotel and we proceeded to Chinatown. We chose a coffee shop and sat down for Dim Sum with another friend of his. Kaven footed the bill again and it cost more than thirty bucks.

Kaven drove us to Bukit Timah Plaza to get some brooms and other stuffs before going back to his rented place at Symphonic heights. We helped him to move some of the stuffs from his bedroom to the living room and started slacking inside.

I could actually join my sister and star player at the beach for the day but I had promised Kaven earlier to help him out despite he always tried not to let me carry heavy things since he knew my back problem.


Corridor from door

His belonging inside one of the rooms.

My artistic work

Both of them smoked inside the room, which made my clothes stinky. I dozed off on the sofa. We had quite a long wait before the contractor came over to help to move the stuffs to his lorry. Then, we proceeded to Hougang. I was quite disappointed when Kaven told me the house was not even half painted for the contractor claimed that they did not have enough paints. In a while’s time, Kaven drove me to Hougang Mall, where I met up with David at Ah Kun Kaya Toast and had a short but nice chat with him.

At 6pm, Kaven waited for me together with his mum and friend, and we left for Balestier Road. It took us quite some time to find a parking lot and on the way, a few taxis had horn us. The entire street was full of both lighting and “Bak Gu Teh” shops. We ended up at “333 Bak Gu Teh” where we filled our stomach. I recalled that my dad used to love eating “Bak Gu Teh” at Cantonment Road. There was a sweet girl dining with his dad next to us and it was an entertainment for me.

Lobby of… don’t know where.

After dinner, we went to choose some lights before Kaven sent his mum and friend off. Alas, he sent me home before he went back to his spacious and hollow rented place since the new house was not ready yet.

I started into my work as usual upon reaching home.

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