Begin of the Arrows

[Monday, 04 June, 2007]

I had roti prata for supper, which my mum heated up. After working, I managed to get to bed at 4.30am.

I waked up at 8am and was slightly early for work as usual after updating my website. The new carpets had reached my department’s room but the chairs were clustered together, and I realised I did not take enough notice of my colleagues’ seats. Alas, I was able to do a good job. Soon after, I began carrying the two heavy and bulky tables back from the receptionist area. Perhaps, I had overestimated myself and that caused my back injury to worsen and it bugged me more.

This day, Elgin came into the room so often, which I felt quite insecure even though there was nothing for me to hide except for some MSN crapping with my colleagues even though we were less than five metres away from each other. The random messages kept us awake, which was essential.

Lunch was carrot cake bought by Nisa and Ruifen from China Square. It was nice to surround the table and dine together, but it would be better if all the developers could join in.

Elgin’s arrows came in followed by his earlier approaching of the room to question everyone of their present tasks. My main task to maintain the forum was a big hassle alone and I was so inexperienced that I had to keep bugging Liza, which in turn, slowed her down on her work. Basically we were busy enough and we could not probably ignore all the current clients’ requests just for a new project. When the three of us gathered with Eugene and Cherie for a small meeting, I was quite turned off for the fact that we might need to do overtime work, which would “eat” up on my personal life. My logic was that staying back an extra one or two hours each day was alright but forcing us to go back to work during weekends simply for an impossible dateline was ridiculous. I supposed I had to judge Elgin’s character by how he was going to manage this project throughout.

The forum kept me busy as usual. At the end of the day, I received a call from Kaven’s mum, asking me for the names of the previous owners of their new house. I guessed it right that she was going for fortune telling, which actually amazed me. Anyway, it was too late when the house was already bought.

Upon reaching home after 7pm, I checked and answered to Kaven’s mum. I spent the entire night working on my websites, having the bad backache.

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