Second Jog with Colleagues

[Thursday, 07 June, 2007]

It took me quite some time to reply a few important emails. One of them was regarding the NTUC beach volleyball and I was asking the person if there was alternate ways to pay the fee. The most important task was to think of a name for our team; nobody wanted to do the job.

I named it “Memorable Days” for I wanted everyone to remember the days we played together. Even though we did not and might not be getting any official honours, it was good to play together as a team and help each other achieve our dreams.

Eventually I went to sleep at 5.30am after updating my websites.

I waked up at 8am and started working. The approach from Elgin somehow irritated me a bit. Basically he seemed to belittle our existing tasks. When he talked to Cherie and sounded sarcastic about the deadline of the new project, I wanted so much to stand up and tell him right at his face to ask him to try accomplishing the given task in his unrealistic timeframe. Of course, since I was too soft as usual, or perhaps, I was too new and did not want to hurt our current relationship, I resisted the anger.

Lunch was at Amara hotel’s foodcourt and I took fish and chips again. There was a bit of fish stink taste and I was quite turned off this time. However, the five bucks was quite cheap compared to western food in other stalls for the portion was really big.

I felt good to get closer to the colleagues in other department.

I resumed work upon getting back to the office. Elgin was asking me if I had completed my current tasks and when I told him I was waiting for clients to get back to me before I could continue with all the amendments, he told me to consider the tasks done, which showed his lack of professionalism. I quite pitied him for he was the common target for many people.

After 6pm, Kimmy asked me to get ready for the jog. We actually had lots of craps before that through “net send”. At first, there were only two of us getting ready for the jog and we were lucky that Ping Ping returned to office in time and Weiyao joined us in his jeans, which I was so impressed.

I was so embarrassed because many of them were saying that I ran very fast but I actually was just jogging at a normal speed for guys. This time, I started jogging with some fears due to my extreme lack of sleep. They did not believe that I had slept for less than three hours and not more than four for the night before. I jogged back to the starting point again after taking a break opposite the club house to wait for the three of them.

I got home at around 8pm and proceeded to work.

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