Theresa’s Farewell Dinner

[Friday, 08 June, 2007]

I went off to bed at 2.30pm. My mum waked me up in the early morning and scared me by saying I was late for work already. Eventually I waked up at 8am. For the entire morning, I was worried about the beach competition. It was quite stupid for the organisation to only accept cheque for the participation of the beach competition. Finally, Tze Khit replied and told me his dad had a cheque book and therefore, the problem was somehow solved.

However, I was delayed and therefore was late for work for around five minutes. Everyone was delighted that Elgin was not going to office for we finally could have the time to deal with other important work and not having someone to keep pestering us.

My stomach gave me big problem and I went to the toilet for a number of times. My department’s people had lunch at the railway station. Somehow, the journey seemed much longer than it was and I supposed it was due to my body was weak. I was quite lost there for I rarely took Muslim food and did not know what to order. In the end, I took nasi lemak. After eating, I dozed off on the table.

I was more quiet than usual. Back to the office, I continued with rounding up of the forum and doing the weekly report, which was interesting at first, but soon the tedious work almost killed me.

Kimmy was busy and she sent me message to open the door a couple of times. It was false alarm at first until the final time, a cute girl was at the door, representing the management of the building to pass us a letter in regarding revamping of the building, which might cause inconvenience to us.

We gathered and left the company at around 6.15pm. The large group of us walked towards Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Since it was crowded, Chin Nam and I could not squeeze into the train and the rest had to wait for us at Outram Park MRT. I got to chat with him more and questioned about his plan for the future and he showed me his uniqueness from his intention to stick to programming instead of going into the management. After everyone gathered again, we transited to the North East line and proceeded to Clarke Quay station.

I stick with Vani in the evening. We went cross over the street from Central to the Indian restaurant right in front, where we had farewell dinner for Theresa. I did not talk much to her but she always seemed gorgeous to me. There had been departure of colleagues ever since I joined the company and it did not seem good.

The seating arrangement was kind of weird for I should have stick to my department people. Vani introduced me to the buffet food and gave me recommendation. However, there was not much variety of food, which was a disappointment; moreover, the food was not impressive.

After getting my first plate of food, I received a call from Kelly and I felt so down immediately. She was questioning me about why I did not want to continue with Uncle Sam’s house for rental, and instead, passed it over to David. I did not expect David to let her know but I knew she would definitely feel that I could have given the good business to her instead.

After the dinner, having wasted the fifteen bucks just for the sake of showing respect for Theresa, all of us left for home. I walked alone to the bus-stop and waited there for very long and the two buses refused to come. In the end, I decided to walk home instead.

I resumed my work upon reaching home.

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