Met-up with Irwin and Beaching with ex HCJC players

[Sunday, 10 June, 2007]

The files transfer from my old harddisk to new harddisk lasted till 3am and I was so turned off because the old system seemed to be able to do a faster or at least, similar pace’s job.

I started to install software and was so happy that I could easily open and close Photoshop within seconds. I was sure that I could multitask with different software at the same time and there would be unlimited progress in my self-learning and exploring.

I resumed with my work and went off at 6am. Stock price went up, which was a blessing to my financial situation.

I woke up after 8am and met up with Irwin at Harbourfront Centre. It had been so long since I last met up with him for he rarely came back to Singapore and every time it was for a short stopover.

We went to the food court but I was not very comfortable with taking those foods for breakfast and thus we went to MacDonald’s instead. I ordered a hotcake meal and finally, I won over him to foot the bill. I could not remember when the last time I treated him to something, or perhaps, this was my first time. Sadly, I could not finish the food. Since harsh brown would taste awful after turning cold, I gave up on it and admitted to my sin.

Irwin accompanied me to search for the place to apply for Islander card at Vivo City. Then, we went to the arcade centre but came out soon. Then, we went to Daiso where I purchased a mirror for my work place. After that, we sat down to chat somewhere nearby. His friend arrived at noon and after some time, we went to walk around and soon, Mingfa called me.

I met up with Mingfa and Wilson near the main door. We shopped at Ripcurl shop where they purchased a new singlet each. After which, we went to do our Islander cards and realised that renewal date was counted on the day our existing ones expired. Since it had been more than half a year, we chose to pay $20 instead of $15 to re-apply for the membership in order to enjoy our full one-year free entrance to Sentosa.

Phototaking was horrible with the lighting, angle, background and webcam, and therefore I did not like this new islander card as well. Anqi, Haokai and Kian Yong arrived and they proceeded inside first. Wilson, Mingfa and I went to the Giants to get four bottles of mineral water before we took Wilson’s car to Sentosa.

We met up with the rest soon. It had been quite long since we went in with a number of girls. I started off with digging with Haokai and managed to get exhausted by him. We started playing inside the court soon and we were too good for challengers with the combination of ex HCJC players. I was, however, too lack of sleep that fatigue saturated my entire body including my brain that I played quite badly. There was one time when I even lost count and set off for the fourth touch.

I had snoopy at the 7-11 store, which I had been craving for. We resumed with games inside the lousy court and Guoxiong joined in, perhaps, to get to talk to Yingyi and Anqi.

We met new challengers and one of the players was a well-hated person. They seemed to be so confident of winning us with their heights but I clarified their mistake by a thunder with my knuckle. Eventually we won again and started playing among ourselves.

Roy finally arrived with three girls when we were about to leave. We went to bathe near the Beach Car Park. Suddenly we realised it was Roy’s birthday and thus we went over to greet him outside Coffee Bean.

Mingfa and I took Wilson’s car as usual. Some of them took Weichong’s car and the rest took the monorail. It took quite some time for us to find a parking lot at the Vivo City’s car park. We were waiting for a car to leave a lot and suddenly another car tried to beat us to it and Wilson hit the horn a number of times before he gave up.

Both Mingfa and Wilson had to withdraw money before we went to Food Republic to join the rest. I had a long queue at the western food stall and upon seeing that the fish and chips did not look good, I ordered chicken chop instead. It was very expensive at a food court for $6.40 per plate but it tasted quite satisfying.

After the dinner, we went to meet Roy and his three female friends again. We settled at Burger King in the end. It was already very late and we did not go elsewhere.

I took bus 145 home. I took extra caution in transferring the money back to my future sister-in-law’s bank account for the new computer and left my own account quite drained.

I resumed work upon reaching home. Then, I realised even the fast system could not help me much in the speed of blogging.

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