My New System

[Saturday, 09 June, 2007]

I managed to get to sleep at 3.30am and was waked up by Kenny at 1pm. It seemed long but was never enough sleep for me to repay my sleep debt.

I started working and received a call from a guy by the name of Guoliang, introduced by Ou Xiang. He was looking for house to rent and since I was not dealing with property at the moment, I gave him David’s contact, hoping to help both of them.

I wanted to go to support Mingfa for his inter-constituency volleyball final at Yio Chu Kang at 4pm but nobody from my team was going. Eventually, I stayed at home to work since I knew he had enough supporters going down. He managed to win the game and emerge the champion.

When my elder brother waked up from his nap after soccer, we left for Sim Lim Square at around 5pm. It was pretty packed there and we went straight to the shop named “Fuwell”. We seemed quite passive and one of the salesmen gave us suggestions for other hardware after we told him of the processor speed we wanted.

Everything went smoothly until it was time for payment my ATM failed me once again. There was this “Daily limit exceeded” error even though I did not purchase anything before that. My brother’s bank account had limited money and thus we had to go to the ATM machine which was distance away to withdraw cash. However, my brother suddenly remembered his girlfriend’s ATM card was with him and thus I had to loan from her first.

We took a cab home and started fixing up the system. It was pretty messy and I was totally lost, lucky for my brother was there to help me settle everything. Just then, we realised the casing came in three colours and the man chose the silver colour one for me. I preferred blue colour but it was good enough that he did not give me the red one.

Our Mac delivery came in time just after we fixed up the system. The new burger was quite tasty.

While I was installing the OS (Operating System), I realised I should have spent some extra money on purchasing a new DVD writer or player. The existing one was slow and old, and I always feared it might break down anytime. The installation did not complete as fast as I had expected for the new processor.

My old 40gb harddisk was placed into my brother’s CPU. After that, I dragged the files over through the network to my new harddisk. The transferring seemed to take forever.

Anyway, it was the first time ever in my life that I had spent so much on purchasing something using my own hard earned money; it was also the first time I had to pray so hard for the end of month to arrive soon to top up my bank account. I considered it a good investment for I needed the speed to shorten the time wastage, and that I was able to multitask as well.

I wished so much that I was able to recuperate the time lost in the past few years and also to accomplish the long overdue projects. Alas, I was also able to start using more software without fearing my system would run like a tortoise.

My elder brother made the day for me.

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