Audition at NUS

[Tuesday, June 12, 2007]

Jianhao called me after 2am, perhaps just for something related to property, which pissed me off. Firstly, it was so late already and the call could have waked my family and me up; there were chances that my family would sleep early and especially me because I was so drained. Secondly, I really hated hearing about property because I had met too many ugly agents and would really appreciate people would stop bothering me unless they had free money to give me for the fact that I had worked more than the money I would be receiving.

My mum had been irritating me as well as usual using her random stupid questions and self talking. I went to the room to rest in order to escape from her and she obviously could sense my anger, but she would never know she was hindering me from my work, which had contributed to the money I could give her every month.

Eventually I dozed off and woke up at 3am to continue with my work until 5am. I woke up at 8am to continue with my stuffs and then left for work.

The early call from a client quite stunned me. I was the “web support” maintaining the forum and she must have thought that I was the webmaster of her company’s website that I could do all the programming and web design, and that was the reason why she had approached me. Anyway, it took me quite long to figure out what she wanted but Pingping took over after that.

Ruifen continued to bug me even when she was on medical leave. Lunch was Chinese mixed vegetarian rice bought by Carol and Cherie. I wanted to help Cherie with her work but new requests in the forum came in.

Ricia from MediaCorp called me but I told her I could not go for filming anymore unless it was on weekends. Later on, Amen from NTUC club called me to check if I had sent the cheque over for the beach volleyball game. I was glad to have Weiyao and Kimmy crapping at my department with me to ease the embedded tiredness inside my mind.

I left home at around 6.10pm. I saw my neighbour who was waiting for her sister to return from pushing the NTUC trolley back. She had difficulty in walking and I helped her to carry many heavy plastic bags to her door in my rush for time. I did a little work before leaving my house. I took train to Buona Vista and transited to bus 95, which took me to NUS. I did not find out the road name and luckily I stopped at the correct roundabout.

Xuejing called me just in time and Kenny came over to fetch me. I felt an ease with both of their presence at the weird room, which had a door that could not block the band’s music from going in.

By then, I was so exhausted and famine had strike me badly. My throat was very dry with the threatening sore throat and my brain was blank with the extreme lack of sleep. By then, I totally had no confidence for the audition especially when the script was in English. We continued to chat there and then Xuejing accompanied me to the toilet. We had another round of great chats before I started walking towards Dover ITE. I met Xinkai at the track and chatted with him again before going off to take bus 97.

I did not doze off on the bus even though I was very tired. I alighted after Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and walked towards the prata shop where I got my dinner – mee goreng.

It was around 9pm when I got home and quickly filled my stomach because I knew Jianhao would come any time. He arrived at the car park at around 10pm and I passed him his document. I was very turned off for the property stuff continued to bug me. I did not even earn a quarter of what a normal diplomat holder would get on average for the past months and yet it was taking up hells of my time.

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