The Day I Got the Hint

[Saturday, 16 June, 2007]

It had been weeks since I last had a game of Condition Zero (Counter-strike) with my brother. Multiplayer games were nice because of the interactivity with other players, which somehow eased my loneliness. Somehow, I felt pathetic for it was one of the two relaxation games for me other than Romance of the Three Kingdoms series 3 and I had been too busy for them. The shooting game eventually ended at around 5.30am and we had roti prata bought by my mum for breakfast before going off to bed.

I woke up after 2pm and was all ready for a full day of battle against my work but Mingen approached me online to edit photos and a song. I helped him with my empty stomach and later on, I continued with my work without finding food.

I had a depressed moment but it ended fast when my brain got numbed. Some paths simply led me to nowhere and it seemed more like a hint to ban me from harbouring any illusion or false hope.

I had a chat with Carol through the chat program of Gmail. I quite disliked using it for various reasons. Firstly, I was using tabbed browser and it took me around two clicks most of the time to reach the exact place. Secondly, I was more used to chat through MSN and switching windows for chatting purpose kind of killed my concentration. Thirdly, sometimes I tended to miss out new reply especially when I was multitasking.

I did some callings for the next day’s beach outing but the numerous calls turned out a waste of effort and time.

I had my late lunch near 6pm and later, dozed off. I woke up to continue with my work.

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