No Beach but Movie and KTV

[Sunday, 17 June, 2007]

I fed myself with work till after 6am. It had been raining heavily since hours ago, creating the good weather for a very good sleep especially when I was exhausted.

I woke up after 9am and was quite disappointed that the rain had not ended. Junrong decided that the beach should be cancelled and after some time, I dozed off until 1pm.

The foiled plan set my day quite aimless. Since I was supposed to meet up with Kailin a month ago but was unfortunately occupied last minute, I tried to meet up with her still. Wilson was in for the movie Fantastic Four, which he had suggested and we were able to drag Mingfa in.

Somehow, I mistook that Wilson had to take the route at Bukit Timah to Orchard and I suggested him to pick Kailin up on the way. I came to a clearer picture later to understand that it was better for him to take AYE down to Orchard from Jurong East. Since Wilson had to do some work before that and it was almost impossible for him to rush down to Kailin’s place.

I took train to Somerset MRT station. When I realised all of them were not there yet, I went to Takashimaya to find a polo tee at Bossini. I had to squeeze through the crowd and later, was so disappointed to realise the shirt was already gone. I walked to Cineleisure in sweat.

Mingfa and Wilson arrived after some time and soon, Kailin reached as well. We went to Cheers to some drinks and titbits, but realised Wilson’s bag could not store everything and Mingfa had to hold the potato chips while covering it with a sweater.

It had been so long since I last stepped into a cinema. The movie was quite nice and especially when I had tried so hard to relax myself.

After the movie, we were planning to go to Food Republic food court at Wisma but Mingfa suggested joining the ex SQS guys at Holland Village and would probably go to Halo Bar for singing after that. The four of us left Cineleisure immediately and waited at the coffee shop near the car park.

I went to the western food stall right away for there was not much choice anyway. I waited nearly two minutes before the stall keeper decided to entertain me. I ordered fish and chips and was so turned off by the size and appearance. Kailin ordered chicken chop but he did not seem to care at all. In the end, she decided not to eat since the uncle was not doing anything for her. She went over to tell him politely and he claimed that Kailin did not make any order in the first place. He started laughing sarcastically in front of another customer. Somehow I felt the owner was racist and would prefer to serve foreigners.

The plate of fish and chips was indeed of a lousy taste, which was one of the worst that I had ever tried, excluding those western food stalls in schools. Alvin arrived, followed by Mandy and we decided to go to Bukit Timah Hawker centre instead so that Shunliang could join us.

After we reached the place, Mingfa told us that Shunliang had an accident and we hurried over to the corner of the car park which was near the main road. I did not want to go near in case the other party would accuse us of trying to intimae him with the number of people. Wilson soon joined in the fun as he could not stand the fatso uncle and auntie kept boasting about their years of driving experience and not concentrating on the fact. We were stunned when Wilson shouted at the woman to shout up for she kept interrupting with her worthless words.

Later on, I came to know that it was just a very minor accident and both of their cars were scratched. Both drivers were at fault somehow but that fatso insisted it was purely Shunliang’s fault. He decided to drag on to argue simply for the damage which would cost him less than a hundred dollars to rectify. Alas, they decided to call the police to settle the case. The rest of us went up to the hawker for food and refreshment while Shunliang and his friend waited there for the police. I had fun teasing Mandy. When the accident’s argument was settled, they came over to take over the table while the initial few of us left for Halo Bar first.

At near the start, I managed to sing a song with Wilson named “One Night in Beijing” by Chen Sheng. After that, I did try to select two other songs but many of them kept inserting songs that I had never got to disgust them with my voice. I got so bored and started taking photos, but after that, I dozed off for a while.

I woke up and could only start to play with my camera. At least, I managed to try out with the lighting and did find out some tricks after trial and errors. My song did come into top eighth position inside the waiting list but it was never my turn. I was quite embarrassed to get Kailin to join us for she did not seem to be enjoying herself as well.

I managed to help Wilson and Mingfa to take individual photos with Mandy. She had a hot figure but she also had a manly voice reminding me of the MediaCorp actress “Zheng Xiu Zhen”, who did film as “Dong Fang Bu Bai” before. Mingfa was kind enough that he wanted to help me to take a photo with her later but I did not want anyone to mistake that I helped them purely for this intention. I was fast enough to grab Alvin to pretend that Mingfa was talking about Alvin and I to take photo together.

Some people may think it is very weird of me to give up such good opportunity but I see this as something which leaders or simply any person should follow to sacrifice himself in order to get things done and not causing any doubt.

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