To Lead a Normal Life

I am lucky that the crisis is over but it has reduced 30% of my daily extra earning, which I believe I can get back on my feet again. It is a wise decision not to give up, or rather; my stubbornness and persistency have saved me.

Somehow, some facts have penetrated into my mind after this turnover.
– A need to save for the rainy days
– A need to continue and expand the network for more sources of traffic
– Having only one money-making website alone is never a comfort zone

My initial goal for life is to own a house with good scenery which I will design and decorate by myself and hopefully, together with a special someone. Of course, I need the wealth to sustain the lifestyle of at least a normal Singaporean and to see through my old days.

I wish to make more money in order to give more to my mum each month so that she can work less and perhaps, quit the job given by the mood-swinging bosses. I also hope I can support my childless aunt who is near her sixties, having to take care of my uncle who has been struck by a brain damaging disease.

For now, having a stable job means I can spend more like most of my friends, going for movie a couple of times per month, going out to chill and dine at cheap restaurants. However, if I were to permit myself to learn to enjoy these luxuries at this striving milestone of my life, I can never retain my determination nor attain my destination.

On the other hand, I know many people in another part of this world are still suffering and hoping to earn a buck a day in order to survive. What give us the right to pour money away simply for all the pleasures?

Sometimes I envy the lives of many people who are born in wealthy family for they have nothing much to worry about; at least they already have a comfort house and they can afford to spend all they earn. If I have such a good family background, I would probably be working as a teacher or volunteer, while I concentrate fully on my web development based on interest.

I need to do more.

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