Volleyball at Clementi ITE after the Stayover at Benson’s House

[Saturday, 23 June, 2007]

It was an unusual morning crapping at Benson’s house instead of updating my website. We moved on to his bedroom from the warm living room and his air-con massaged us. Yaozhong left after 3am and that could have cost him a bomb on the cab fare. It was after 5am when I started to feel very sleepy but Cher Fong refused to let me doze off until near daylight.

Cher Fong and I left at around 8am. He flagged a cab downstairs while I took bus 900 back to Woodlands MRT. It was a tiring journey home where there was no available seat to house my heavy butts.

I started updating my sites upon reaching home and then dozed off. My mum woke me up for breakfast. Junrong and Jingkun messaged me in MSN. I dozed off from three plus to six and finally got up for volleyball at Clementi ITE.

When I was already on the train, Jingkun asked me to get him a bottle of 100plus. As I was already running late, it seemed quite ridiculous to ask me to get something when I still had to take the long route from the MRT by foot. Alas, I took the opposite direction to Clementi’s NTUC and bought other drinks since I could not find the original 100plus. By the time I got to the college, it was already near 8pm.

I started off as libero and subset on the second set, which I did not get to perform. I could not get used to the ball after not playing for weeks on the indoor court but eventually got back some feeling.

Since we had beach volleyball competition at Sentosa on the next day, we decided not to go for supper (which was supposed to be my dinner). Weitat went out with his friend while Wilson sent both Mingfa and I to Jurong East MRT station. I had a bad time on the train as a group of people surrounded me by the side of the door and made noise. I dropped my intention of doing some creative work on my notebook and sealed it inside my bag.

After reaching home, I started working instead of finding for food first.

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