Photography at Marina South Pier

[Tuesday, 26 June, 2007]

I raced till after 3am again and woke up before 8am.

There were some forum’s requests and later on I continued with the project. Lunch was at PSA with only a few people – Jeffery, Kannah, Wei Yeow, Ashqi and Eugene. We had great chat together.

It was another stressful afternoon with work piled up. Kaven called me to ask me about Starhub promotion, which I totally had no idea about since I did not feel the need nor have the time to follow up on their baits. I did not like people to disturb me when I was working partly due to distraction, as well as the wrong impression from superiors that I was slacking.

We had our usual jog at Marina South. This time, I brought along my phone and took photos upon arriving at the new Marina South Pier. I was quite pleased with the lighting but Kimmy refused to be my model. After that, we walked back lazily to the office.

I was struck in office after that because my team-mates refused to leave and I did not want to walk off myself. Since Ruifen was using my system, I was not able to do anything.

We left after 9pm. I started working and uploading the photos taken during the previous beach outing from the camera to my computer. After that, I took the card reader from my brother’s computer so that I could easily upload photos in future.

Wilson was busy organising a beach outing for the coming Sunday. He started asking around and those people who had always claimed busy when I approached them had surprisingly agreed to go. I was glad that many people were going since we had not had a big group outing for long but felt disappointed at the same time because of the different treatment from them.

I confirmed that it was pointless for me to organise any outing for the group since others could easily do a better job than me.

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