Collapse of My Stock Market

[Monday, 18 June, 2007]

The rotting session at Halo Bar ended only at around 1am when almost everyone was shagged out. It was pretty cheap for everyone had to only fork out $6. Since it was late, I could not allow Wilson to make a detour to my house when his house was quite near. He sent Kailin to her house and I alighted from there as well to flag for a cab. I could have hopped onto Alvin’s car since he was sending Mandy to Holland Village, which was nearer.

I blamed myself for wasting the entire day and yet did not enjoy myself enough except for the movie. I was supposed to recuperate myself and pay back the sleep debt during weekends but I was actually making myself more tired. I could have reached home much earlier if the beach outing was not cancelled. However, I definitely needed to spend more time with my buddies and if only Weitat was with us it would be more fun.

Shares price dropped badly, making things worse. I continued with my work until 5.30am and woke up at 8am. The extreme lack of sleep sent me nodding at work occasionally when the tasks were dead boring, especially with the slow computer and network there.

Han Seng was trying to upgrade our computers with some RAMs. He tried to find out about my situation and asked me if I was keen in other roles in the company, which I appreciated a lot. I was not sure how others rated him but I had not found anything wrong with him so far and I believed he was one of the few in the management who would appreciate me but too bad he was leaving on the last day of the week.

I left home soon after 6pm. My colleagues were all very concern about me for they knew I was terribly lacking of sleep. The shares price fell way below imagination and killed my hope for a better life by cutting off more than 90% of my extra income. I was too weak to do anything, feeling helpless but quite cool over it.

I dozed off after 8pm but woke up a couple of times and finally woke up near midnight.

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