I Officially Declared that E a Fucker

[Wednesday, 21 June, 2007]

I had my work till 3.30am and woke up before 8am. I started lazing around since it was still early and that I was very sleepy still. The entire morning was spent on rushing the project, which the team of four fought the battle together. I had somehow totally set aside the forum.

Lunch was at Wok Express, which was just across the street. I had a plate of chicken fried rice, which was tasty. The small cup of hot cappuccino was a waste of money but it tasted quite satisfying. Overall, I paid only six bucks, which was quite cheap for such good though simple food.

It was a tedious afternoon to do relinking of subpages for a page. I repeated the steps numerous times but the CMS was playing on me. This afternoon, I had no choice but to declare that the E was a fucker after reading an email. He simply threw the shit to Kelly who obviously did not know anything about this project. The company was paying so much to this fucker each month just for him to train his “tai ji” and push responsibility around.

Ruifen usually gave lots of tasks for the team and she wanted everything quick. I would not want to compare her with this fucker because by doing so was disrespecting her. She worked hard and tried to do things by herself, sacrificing her time before getting helps to accomplish all the tasks fast.

Something was wrong with the CMS and even another project was down. Finally, we got to rest for the afternoon. However, I was filled with rage to complete as much work as possible and the sudden pause was making me feel weird. It lasted till evening and I went off with Kimmy since nothing could be done anymore. I got to find out her story with the company and it somehow disappointed me.

After reaching home, my brother suggested ordering KFC for dinner. I dozed off before the delivery man arrived. We split the bill since he did not have enough cash. I took only a piece of thigh and chicken wing, which was my dinner.

The remaining time was again spent on updating my sites.

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