Meeting after Office Hours and NP Gathering at Benson’s House

[Friday, 22 June, 2007]

I took rest at 3.30am and woke up at around 8am like usual.

I settled some of the forum’s problem before resuming the content populating work. Lunch was at PSA and it was supposingly the last meal together with Han Seng before his departure but he was not there somehow. However, it seemed to be Siva’s last day as well.

We were quite astonished to see Elgin joining us and since I was at the far corner where there were empty seats on my left, it was not a good sign for me. Luckily, Vani and Ashqi joined in before he bought his meal. Nobody seemed to be interested in talking to him and he left soon after finishing his food like the previous times.

I realised Kelly was leaving the next month and Ruifen could be leaving even earlier at the end of the month. It was a good meal with good chats.

I resumed work after lunch. Elgin came over to talk to me politely to ask me to approach the developers in future to ask for the number of hours needed for each new request. Since I was very shagged due to the boring work, I agreed with him without thinking. Later on, Liza got to know about this and I came to a clearer picture that we had so many projects to manage and he was actually playing “tai ji” again; he had to discuss with the programmers for the scoping as well and it was simply waste of my time if I were to chase the developers for this. We went over to talk to him immediately in Thomas’ presence and won the battle. I did not mind doing extra work but definitely not worthless ones.

My mum called me and told me she had helped me to bank in a thirty dollars cheque and I guessed it was from MediaCorp. Basically, it took them almost a month to pay me back.

I was working endlessly without taking any break other than going to the toilet since I was pouring water into my stomach in order to keep myself alive. I faced a big problem for some stylesheet items were not finalized and both Cherie and Liza had given me different answers. We wanted to pack up after 6pm but Liza insisted to finish off one section of work. Half an hour later, Vincent arrived and called for a meeting, which was quite a turn off. It was the weekend and we were already not leaving on time and yet he held the meeting at after office hour. The project would give him a large sum of money but we would not be benefitted no matter how much extra work we put in; we had done our best anyway during office hours. I wondered if he would display his appreciation for us after everything was over.

Anyway, my brain was totally shut down already. As Carol and Cherie were receiving most updates and doing the communication and distribution of work, Eugene, Liza and I kept quiet most of the time. Vincent were looking at our direction and I knew he was expecting us to give some updates as well, which I thought was so redundant and impossible.

Vincent shot at me for my share of work but my tiredness had swept my effort away from my mind. I had to ask Eugene for the section of my work, which was the biggest mistake. Basically, I was fighting alone at the section where many HTML tables were required and Eugene only got to join in at the last hour to accomplish a very small portion of my work. Whereas, we made it sound like both of us were doing everything together and thus, could have made Vincent mistake that our progress was very slow. At the moment, I felt lost as well with my brain numbed.

We left the place after 7pm. I went home straight but dozed off instead of updating my sites. I woke up to take my dinner and set off for Benson’s house after 9pm. It was a long and tiring journey to Woodlands and I had to even transit to bus after that. Yaozhong, Cher Fong and Wenchang were already there. The house was big and the balcony was nicely designed with tiles and a big fish pond. I joined in the conversation but soon, indulged in the television for my “Zou Xiang Gong He” on channel 8.

Ah Chang left before midnight because he had work for the next day.

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