My Fast Pace

[Thursday, 22 June, 2007]

I managed to sleep at 3.30am after updating my sites. I woke up a couple of times and I could have been dreaming that I forgot that I was supposed to get up for work. Like usual, my mum prepared breakfast for me and heated up the two small “bao”.

Liza was on off for the day and there was a thread in the forum which I did not know how to handle, or perhaps, it would take me very long to settle it. Therefore, I decided to leave it for the next day and begin with the content population. Ruifen reminded me of a major mistake which I had made days ago by responding fast to client’s request for changes for a site; the developer was implementing something at the same time and unluckily, to the same file. Of course, it was not fully my mistake and I was proud of my initiative but somehow I still felt disturbed for causing the inconvenience.

However, I was informed that all the work done the previous day was lost due to crashing of the server, which occurred when the hard disk ran out of space. I was quite irritated for the linking of the subpages took me lots of efforts. However, I began working very fast.

Lunch was at the 103 coffee downstairs my house. Many people had gone together for it was Han Seng’s second last working day. I ordered a packet of carrot cake since I did not have much appetite and suddenly Elgin came over and said something like “we think alike”.

After we got back to the office, Han Seng messaged me through MSN for the first time. He asked me what was wrong with my nick which I set as “I prefer a daily update – THEN DO IT YOURSELF”. If he was not leaving, I would have confronted him earlier to seek for his help to stop all the time-wasting bullshit from the management. Anyway, I should have behaved more aggressive since the company seemed quite “open” sometimes and I would not be sacked for arguing about things which were wrong.

My pace increased steadily. I drank lots of water and took a number of Ferro Roche bought by Han Seng in order to keep myself more alert. At the end of the day, Cherie came to me with some HTML problems and it seemed quite impossible to fix everything. The entire team together with Wei Yeow, excluding Brian, left after 7pm. I accompanied them to the MRT station before going home.

After dinner, I dozed off for a while like the previous nights and woke up soon to start working.

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