Need for New Polo Tees

[Saturday, 02 June, 2007]

I was so weary that the fatigue set me to unconscious after midnight. I waked up after 3am to clear my email and went off to bed again.

It could be a good day to recuperate myself after the weekdays’ aggressiveness in doing my jobs, but my mum’s mobile phone waked me up early in the morning and she was nowhere nearby. Alas, I realised it was from the same neighbour after waking up at 9am. I was trying to push myself into updating my websites, including blog, but this neighbour came with Justus’ grandma and both of them started criticizing and advising my mum to dump away those useless stuffs. I was quite embarrassed for I did create part of the mess around my work area for whenever I had the drive to put them into the cupboard, the bedroom was locked.

While waiting for my neighbours to leave, I took the nasi lemak that my mum had bought. I was eventually defeated by time that I had to leave my house before I could do much thing. I took bus 80 and alighted at Vivo City but was totally taken aback when Gilbert told me he was at Queensway instead. We had agreed to meet up there at first but I changed it to Vivo City and Harbourfront Centre, which he had forgotten after his sleep since it was already very late when we decided on it. Anyway, I supposed he really wanted to go down to Queensway badly for he was looking for his Diesel shoes.

I did not want to walk around first since my purpose of meeting up with Gilbert was to seek advice from him despite we had very different tastes. I strongly believed that stuffs that both of us could agree together on were worthwhile to be bought.

I walked around for a very short while before reaching the Page One book store. I was fascinated with the number of photography magazines around and stood by the shelves to read. I was however, interrupted by many SMSes, including the call from Penis Seah, which spoilt the mood. At least, I needed not deal with such asshole soon since the completion of the house was near.




Gilberto and me

Me, Gilberto, Tze Siang

Gilbert arrived with Tze Siang and he brought me to the side where there were a small table with two small chairs, which was very cute. The scenery was quite nice and that area was so cosy that I decided it would be my secret hideout in future. It would be very good if my future could accompany me to rest around there during weekends in future. Gilbert and I started taking photos around with the good lighting. However, as we walked around, I saw couples enjoying their companion by their sides, which was not a good sign for singles.

An ugly and cheap car. My foot!

Changing room at Vivo’s Tangs – like a hotel

Changing room at Vivo’s Tangs

We started shopping around. I had been depending on a few pieces of polo tees (left four of them after the Nike birthday present died on me on the first wear) to survive and three of them were blue colours, such that even though they were of different depth of blue, my colleagues had been talking about blueness in me. Blue was in fact one of my favourite colours but it looked very bad to wear the same shirts to work.

Gilbert bought a pair of expensive jeans soon. We went to Hang Ten and I bought a weird shirt and was actually quite worried about the quality. Next, I grabbed two polo tees from IP Zone for thirteen bucks each, which was considered dirt cheap for the average material. It was the first time I paid for clothes instantly without hesitation, partly because I knew I needed them badly.

We went to the Kopi Tiam besides banquet for lunch. I was actually against the idea but did not rake it up. The staffs there never failed to give me negative thoughts for each of my trips there. This time when I was standing near the western food stall just besides a table where there was large space on my left side. One of the cleaners pushed me to the large empty space to squeeze between me and the table like as if I was really blocking her way. This certified that I was right about the staffs there, mainly the cleaners.

The expensive plate of fish and chips costing $5.50 with small serving was one of the worst fish and chips I had ever tried. I blamed myself for repeating the mistake of ordering it again.

After lunch, Gilbert and I went into Giant while Tze Siang went to the toilet. We got Gilbert’s favourite Aqua mineral water for $0.55 instead of $0.60 per bottle. It took us some time to meet up with Tze Siang again. We took train to Outram Park to transit to the East West line towards Cityhall. After we alighted from the North East line train, we spotted two girls in short skirts and the shorter one seemed to be quite sweet looking. However, I did not have the chance to really admire her looks.

As we reached the entrance to Marina Square, Tze Siang left for the Suntec City IT fair. Gilbert and I landed up at the Times bookshop and sat at a corner. I was reading the book about sleeping early but soon dozed off. Later on, Kian Wee finally called Gilbert and we realised he was just at the other side of the shelves.

Kian Wee

Spycam targeting Gilberto

A causal one

Kian Wee

We went to shop around and eventually ended up at Thai Express. Since my digestive problem had taken me prey again, I did not take any food but order a cup of drink, which seemed like syrup water added to smashed ice done by faulty machine. We went to MacDonald’s after that and
I had an ice-cream cone. There was a young sweet girl who looked like Yanzhen. Suddenly, the two of them saw Warrant Twang and I quickly rushed out of MacDonald’s with my melting ice-cream. I was glad that he still remembered me but I had to give him my number again.

We left after 10pm and I finally could proceed on with my work.

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