Renewed Domain and Discovery of Marina South Pier

[Tuesday, 20 June, 2007]

Another tough day began ruling over my sleep and only pardoned me at 5am. I managed to renew my personal domain using my new mini debit card, which I hoped to top up more money so that I could use it to purchase other stuffs as well. Three hours later, I woke up for work. Finally, I dropped my warranty cards for the new system into the letter box.

Lunch was at PSA again and I spent lots of time on the content populating. Elgin was trying his luck and pissing everyone more. There were some forum’s requests to be accomplished in the midst, which I had to be diverted away from the team’s work. Overall, I was working too slowly for I could not kick the habit of trying to perfect all my replies. Anyway, I got sleepy when those very boring chores appeared in front of me.

I got to go for jogging again. I was quite disappointed that Thariq did not join us this time. The boss met me at the toilet and he seemed nice to tell me to stay alert on the roads during my run. I was still refraining myself from talking much to him since most people who could achieve till this far were not simple people. Moreover, I doubted his judgement to employ some of the upper management people.

Jogging caused the back of my waist to ache like the previous time. I did manage to run as fast as the previous time but this time I crossed the road when I was at the T-Junction near the club house and proceeded straight. There, I saw the “ocean” mentioned by Kimmy and in fact it was not very far away.

The Marina South Pier located there and the building looked nice with a 24-hours food stall. I was exhausted by then and regretted not drinking enough water throughout the day. I felt weird in my army’s sleeveless shirt with PJC’s short and started walking instead. I climbed up to the sky gallery where tourists were taking pictures. Then, I started jogging back to join the rest at the bus-stop opposite the club house. It was not long before we set off and Kimmy impressed me by her constant speed and she almost could catch up with me. Since she was in a rush, she left without waiting for the rest. It took quite long time for everyone to gather together and walk back to the office.

My department’s people were as hardworking as usual and were still around. Teng Teng started working and Wei Yeow stayed behind to accompany her. I left the office at around 8pm.

I tried to work and do as much things as I could but eventually dozed off twice.

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