Sheila’s Farewell Dinner

[Friday, 01 June, 2007]

I continued with the sleeping late habit, forcing myself to work till 4.30am when I had to wake up before 8am. Alas, I managed to blurt out to Shunliang through MSN about how I felt about his relationship problem.

Working with Liza was glad for her patience and calmness. It was so unlike working in the army where seniors would push everything to the juniors, especially newcomers. Basically, I was quite slow or at least, not very fast in learning for there were too many different tasks to remember.

We went to Enggor Street to buy our lunch and gathered inside the office to dine together. On the way there, we saw a girl on the floor and I believed she had a fall forward. This plump lady almost killed me with her upskirt and I wished so much I was wearing a shade.

Uno session during lunch break on the floor because I moved the tables out immediately after eating.

Sheila watching gracefully on the chair

I took satay mee hoon, which was of normal taste. The Chinese mixed vegetarian rice seemed very well cooked and I regretted not trying it. Sheila took out the remaining of her chicken wings and heated them up. I was not on the appetite to take any but decided not to waste Sheila’s effort. Nobody wanted to finish of the last piece and they forced it on me since I had only taken one piece and that I disallowed them to throw it away. I had to push it to people in other departments and finally, Kimmy was nice enough to help us with it.

During evening, Sheila, Liza, Cherie, Eugene and I left at around 6.30pm. Eugene did not join us to Harbourfront Centre. We took a little walk around before going to our reserved seats at Breeks. The tables were joined together for the near twenty-five of us and half of the group were strangers to me.

I ordered fish and chips as usual and it was not up to standard. I felt cheated for the french fries were looking pancakes shaped. Ruifen arrived late and she ordered fish and chips as well and she was served with tata sauce, which I did not have. Another friend of Sheila came even later and ordered a plate of fish and chips as well and she was also given tata sauce. When I mentioned it to the hardworking waiter, he looked embarrassed.

Some of them went over to Vivo City after that but I decided to leave for home since it was already 10pm and I had many tasks to accomplish and was very lagged behind time already. Ruifen’s bus 143 arrived first and I boarded bus 100 with Cherie and alighted after the railway station.

Back at home, I resumed my work as per normal.

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