Shit Never Stops Coming In

[Wednesday, 13 June, 2007]

This early morning when my mum reached home, she saw a plastic bag on the table with some finger food. Both my brother and I did not know who that was from and we were all very puzzled. I went to sleep near 4am.

I woke up at 8am and was too lazy to leave my house, or rather, my “bed”. I was eventually late for work for around ten minutes, which was insignificant compared to the extra time I had worked there. My stomach continued to play with me.

Work was as per normal and lunch was the Chinese mixed vegetarian stall at Enggor Street. It was rather expensive to me somehow but location wise was the best since I could get back to office soon. Perhaps, it was stupid to squeeze work into my own lunch time.

Kimmy and Ruifen came into the room to play with Cherie’s Qoo-lookalike big head tortoise and created laughers throughout. I began with Elgin’s holy project and put aside the forum before Kimmy finally chased me for the timesheets which I had already prepared but it turned out to be “buggy” and there were many amendments to be done. My portion of the work was therefore slowed down badly and I was so stunned when Eugene managed to complete his portion of work very fast.

When Cherie suggested him to help me with part of mine since I had other things to do, he slowly got out of the topic. It was fine with me at first until I saw him watch anime using his IPOD and idling to wait for knock off, I got damn pissed off. I stayed until 8.30pm to finish up most of the job. Then, I accompanied Liza and Cherie to the 7-11 store before I went home.

I hurried home to try to beat my work for time to sleep early but there seemed to be too many unaccomplished tasks. Sally called me and I was quite turned off for it was regarding property again. This property line seemed to be like secret society and I could never take a complete break from it.

Alas, I got back to my work and felt so down that I seemed to be too slow. Jianhao messaged me to seek help from me to obtain a password and I told him I could not find it. The next reply was “how?” and it drove my tiredness into flames. Perhaps, that was his problem and he should be the one answering “how” to solve it. I chose the best solution which was to ignore and put my heavy head into my work.

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