The Backfire at Work

[Friday, 15 June, 2007]

I had a tedious chat with Kimmy through MSN where we completed to outwit each other and followed by discussion about our company. Work was in progress all along and after she went offline, I continued until 3.30am.

Daily morning routine proceeded. This morning, I started with the weekly report right after reaching the office. Many people would certainly hate me for repeating “Any updates” to each unanswered post as their mailboxes would be flooded with the auto mailer. Even though I had tried very hard to speed up with the work, it could not be finished in half a day.

Liza’s keyboard was giving her problems and she removed all the buttons to clean them and it was quite an interesting morning.

Lunch was at PSA again and I bought food from the two dollars Chinese mixed vegetarian rice stall again. After eating, I used the remaining energy to crap with Wei Yeow and Eugene until Wei Yeow could not stand me and joined the guys at the other end of the table. My accumulated more than five days of sleep debt caught me and I dozed off on the table. They seemed to be trying to leave me alone and went off but they did not realise I was rarely into deep sleep.

I managed to complete the weekly report by 4pm and sent everyone my hard work. Suddenly, I received a reply from Elgin, who had included the big bosses in. I realised I had made some errors for he had already scoped the prices for some of the requests but I put at the remarks “required scoping” in red. Many colleagues in my department were in code red mode and gathered around my screen to help me with the fireback. I felt quite lost for the mistake because when I went over the few threads in the forum earlier on, it seemed like Elgin had not done anything to them yet. We knew he did that on purpose to show the boss he had been doing his work but obviously he had not scoped for all the requests yet and that those scoped ones were delayed badly. It was a really exciting afternoon. I would not mind getting scolding for my mistake since it was inevitable for doing the report was tedious, having to open up each outstanding one.

After that, I began handling the requests, trying to finish off everything before I could rush home to rest. Just when Wei Yeow and Kimmy were leaving, I realised Cherie was still busy trying to do the project for Elgin and thus I decided to stay back to help her. After all, it was the team’s work and not hers alone even though she was kind of the “project manager” overseeing this project. I was so shagged that I almost dozed off while lying back on the chair. Luckily, she decided to stop work after 7pm since it was pointless to exert ourselves on a weekend simply for someone who did not appreciate our hard work but would certainly gain all the credits.

Ruifen was still busy with her work and I stayed inside her room to have a little chat with her. She was quite puzzled why her name appeared inside the weekly report; I was also quite surprised that she did not know it took more than half a day to generate the report and that she could have replied to the threads after that, which she had really done so. I walked them to the MRT station before going home.

Eventually I dozed off at home and woke up at around 10pm. I continued with my work while watching shows on channel 8. My brother did some configuration for my Condition Zero and I began testing it.

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