The Storytelling Meeting Session

[Monday, 25 June, 2007]

I woke up at 1am after dozing off an hour ago. Work piled up and I went back to sleep at around 3am. A daily routine of waking up at around 8am resumed.

It was a special day for the developers were shifting to the new work area, giving the excitements; whereas my team had to resume our work area inside the enclosed room. It might not be so bad after all since we had more piracy then, but I would really love to communicate more with the friendly, helpful and self-sacrificing developers.

Work was boring and the stupid project continued to bug the entire room. We had lunch at Wok Express where my team and some of the present male developers managed to get two tables. I sat with Ashiq, Jeffery, Kannah and Eugene, while Wei Yeow joined Carol, Liza and Cherrie at the table besides us. It was a great chat with the guys and I could feel that they were quite concern about my future as well. I had a plate of “Double Fish Fried Rice” but I could not see the fish. It tasted like salted fish though the rice was still as nice as the “Chicken Fried Rice”.

I felt the heat beneath my face and at times the skin turned oily such that I felt uncomfortable. The meeting with Thomas was delayed and at 3.30pm, it lasted till 5pm. It was basically a very causal meeting and most of the time was spent on storytelling from the organiser and he even showed us photos. It was a relaxing period for us but definitely not good when we had to rush the project.

We continued with the project till after 7pm and Elgin came in to give me last minute work. Thomas dropped by as well and I started sweating for I knew he had stories to tell again and it was at a total wrong time.

Eventually, I left at 8pm and it was not the end of the day since I had to continue with my work – updating of websites.

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