Tranquillity after the Jog

[Thursday, 14 June, 2007]

Yet again I slept after 4am and woke up at 8am. I continued with a daily personal work before going to the company for the official one.

I was pretty amazed at Eugene for he came in either reading his comic book or watching anime on his IPod. Basically he took no initiative to work but since he was only an intern, I would not really want to penalise him.

There were new requests popping out from the forum and I got so stressed for the first time in the company because I found myself not able to remember everything and the new situations required them. Liza’s arrival saved me, which was more than an hour later.

Lunch was bought from PSA’s Tanjong Pagar Complex and I was glad that everyone could sit together and dine together like usual. The feeling of being with nice people certainly made my day.

I was busy with the forum and at later part of the day, I started with Elgin’s project again, but was quite turned off to see that the populated contents were not in the agreed format and I realised why I took so much longer time than Eugene to accomplish my share of work the previous evening.

I tried to push my slowness to finish off part of them before going for a jog with Pingping, Wei Yeow, Carol and Kimmy. This time, I was happy to have Thariq joining us to spice up our fun even more. It would be good if we could get more people to join us every Tuesday and Thursday.

I began off at a fast pace, which could drain off my stamina even fast as well, but slowly got back to a constant speed. My lower back gave me enough aching to slow me down as well and I started to imagine the days which I would become cripple. I did better this time than previous times but I knew I could do much better if I had enough sleep for the past few days. My brain was somehow numbed.

We walked back to the company like usual and slacked around. Liza and Cherie were still around as usual. Kimmy, Wei Yeow and I hung around the pantry and I started lying down on the new carpet. It seemed like we did not have to work the next day and it was all about tranquillity.

I walked them to the MRT, taking a longer path, before I went home to continue with my own work.

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