Worked Till 9pm

[Monday, 11 June, 2007]

I had a tough struggle to stay awake and eventually gave up after 2am. I got up at 7.45am and started off with a little work before going to the office.

There was a meeting with Elgin and when he called me from his office, which was only steps away, he did not wait for me to confirm with the rest before putting down the phone. It was then I was told that he was usually so rude over the phone. Eugene, Liza, Cherie and I went over for the meeting and I actually knew nothing about the project which we had to do content population on. He sounded that our jobs were simple.

We had phototaking session at the new office space. Then, the big group of us had our lunch at PSA for the last lunch with Theresa. It was till this day, I realised why the guys had claimed that the food there was the cheapest of all for there was this Chinese vegetarian rice stall selling two bucks for any three combination of dishes. It was a boring lunch for there was no one entertaining me when I was seated at one of the corners.

This afternoon, I was pinpointed by the lady boss, Felicia, for being too direct at replying to a weird client. Every time we finished the requests for him, he did not want to close them for us and thus overloading our “Outstanding” list. All I posted was “Please be specific” for I supposed nobody would want me to waste time with fake formality, typing three or more sentences just to let him know that his language was worse than a primary school kid that nobody understood what he was trying to explain.

I was busy with “chasing” replies in the forum and when I decided I should take a break by helping Cherie with Elgin’s project, urgent requests came in. of course, I was partly to be blamed for the slowness, but I was unfamiliar with everything and I did not laze around at all.

It was near 6pm and Ruifen came over to seek for help. Obviously she knew I was not as free as I had claimed but she passed me a bomb which seemed simply but actually took me hours to finish with all corrections. I left the office near 9pm.

After reaching home, I began with my own work as usual.

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