End of Deployment at IPOS

My deployment at IPOS has finally ended for now. It’s such an insult to be sent over there especially when the management is at war with them. I know it clearly that the company did not state that I have to do work out of office before e I signed the contract as Web Support.

Luckily that the IPOS staffs are nice people and they obviously know that they are on bad terms with the management and not us. I feel quite lucky to get to see some of them especially when they often scream over the phone at the management and thus it’s funny when we get to see their actual friendly side.

Working there is much better since we do not need to see some ugly faces inside the office; moreover, we simply have to concentrate on the project itself, unlike in the office we have to attend to so many different urgent ISU requests. During lunch time, I can get to see many sweet SMU girls since the university is just across the street.

Seriously I don’t know what the company is thinking about to send both Liza and I over for almost a week. So many ISU requests are pending and all the project managers and executives are in panic. It’s extremely unfair to all of us that we are not supposed to tell the existing clients that the management has sent the entire team out of office for so long and that’s why their clients are left hanging around. I suppose the whichever-stingy-guy has foreseen these problems by not employing more staffs and has all the solutions.

Good luck.

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