Foolish Night

I did the stupidest thing hours ago. Weiyeow asked me to find candles for him and it was already 9.30pm, I got panic as Cherie might be disappointed.

Since Payar Lebar was near Chung Cheng High School Main and it could be Ruoci’s territory, I tried calling her to seek for help.

I scroll down my contact list and typed “Payar” and realised I did it wrongly. After erasing it, I typed her nick instead of nick. “She” picked it up fast and I thought her friend was holding to her phone. After repeating my name so many times and “she” could not get it, “she” told me to hold on. I checked my phone and realised I should be calling “Ruoci” instead.

After hearing suggestions from Ruoci, I went to the Singpost building’s NTUC supermarket but the lady told me they used to sell it. I went to Watson’s but had no luck. Just as I was standing outside Coffeebean, I made a call to Weiyeow in case he had already gotten the candles. As he told me he had not found it, I went inside and pleaded with one of the staffs to give me a candle for free. I was walking back to the pasar malam and made calls to Weiyeow. Minutes later, he called me back and told me he was at Coffeebean. I didn’t mind being fooled to enter Coffeebean through the main door and exit by the side door since I managed to see two sweet girls, however, Weiyeow told me he had ordered a cake through Coffeebean and thus we could easily get the candles. I was already in sweat.

As Terry arrived, we finally went into Coffeebean for my third time. We ordered some drinks while collecting the cake and I happily took four straws. I almost went berserk when I saw my drink was a hot one. Then I realised I should have ordered “Belgian Chocolate” without “Latte” behind.

More ex colleagues arrived and we had great chats in two groups. The four of us continued to test our stomach muscle when the newcomers left. It was until the staffs told us they were closing, I realised the last train was left long ago.

Dear Friends

We get to know more friends but each day we get lonelier and lonelier. This is the fact which not many get to realise it.

How many friends can always remember you when they are out there having fun? How many friends have been telling you that they are busy and yet you find out they can afford to spend time out with others? How many friends can tell you that they have to stay at home because they are broke but you know they continue to enjoy splendid meals or celebration with others?

How busy can a person be that you never deserve even a date for donkey years?

You treat them as great friends but they probably treat you as a hi-bye friend or simply someone who they can seek help online for their convenience.

You keep quiet.

There are also friends who have braved through thick and dirt with you for years; until one day you realise they have been treating you well, but not any better than the rest. At times, you are naively a replacement, or someone to fill a position whenever needed; you have to be sacrificed when necessary.

How do you have to feel when nobody cares to ask for your comments? How do you feel when your group of friends make discussion only among themselves when you are around? How do you feel when you always try to say something yet nobody seems to have heard you?

You remain silence.

You can easily identify friends who think you are funny or simply mock at things you say; you never know it can be the difference of heaven and hell.

How about friends who know your stories and can actually lend a hand to change your life for the better, as simple as letting out a yawn, yet choose to abandon you? It would be better to keep your secret to yourself if you don’t have any buddy close enough to help you.

They always think you are ignorance or everything or they don’t realise it themselves; you can eventually feel it one day. And this day, you realise you have already given up on so many things in order to maintain your lonely status.

Be alone.

Volleyball in Singapore (indoor and beach)

– Visit (gone with the wind!)
– Register as a member
– Make noise by posting in the threads or even create new threads
– Give feedbacks, suggestions and report on bugs
– Spread the site to your friends or forward this around
– Link to it if you have a blog/website
Why join?
– Organise friendly matches
– Find teams to join
– Even if you are not a volleyball lover, you can get to enjoy the following
– Make more friends
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Volleyball at NTU NIE

Wilson and I had a dark evening walking around NTU. The passers-by gave us wrong directions and it took us long to get to NIE. Wilson joined in the crowd and got himself some free pastries from a buffet we passed by,

The hall was huge like the size of CCAB without the top spectators’ area.

I got pretty confused while playing as a setter. It was not due to the fact that we were against outsiders but my own team-mates. I didn’t favour any top scorer for as much as I tried to be fair to everyone but at times I had my own preference when first ball was not well received, which not anyone except Weitat understood. It was simply difficult to please everyone.

Freedom Again

I’m finally out of the hell.

I was so foolish that I continued to help them to finish up the old requests that I had to work overtime in the last day. My plan to take photos with my colleagues individually failed and most of the time I was struggling in front of the computer.

There isn’t plan for the rest of the days yet but I really need to start working on some websites…