Dear Friends

We get to know more friends but each day we get lonelier and lonelier. This is the fact which not many get to realise it.

How many friends can always remember you when they are out there having fun? How many friends have been telling you that they are busy and yet you find out they can afford to spend time out with others? How many friends can tell you that they have to stay at home because they are broke but you know they continue to enjoy splendid meals or celebration with others?

How busy can a person be that you never deserve even a date for donkey years?

You treat them as great friends but they probably treat you as a hi-bye friend or simply someone who they can seek help online for their convenience.

You keep quiet.

There are also friends who have braved through thick and dirt with you for years; until one day you realise they have been treating you well, but not any better than the rest. At times, you are naively a replacement, or someone to fill a position whenever needed; you have to be sacrificed when necessary.

How do you have to feel when nobody cares to ask for your comments? How do you feel when your group of friends make discussion only among themselves when you are around? How do you feel when you always try to say something yet nobody seems to have heard you?

You remain silence.

You can easily identify friends who think you are funny or simply mock at things you say; you never know it can be the difference of heaven and hell.

How about friends who know your stories and can actually lend a hand to change your life for the better, as simple as letting out a yawn, yet choose to abandon you? It would be better to keep your secret to yourself if you don’t have any buddy close enough to help you.

They always think you are ignorance or everything or they don’t realise it themselves; you can eventually feel it one day. And this day, you realise you have already given up on so many things in order to maintain your lonely status.

Be alone.

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