Working Hard on Database

I know nuts about the functions and strings of programming languages because my memory is so poor that they cannot be squeezed into my small brain. It’s all thanks to the internet that I’m able to dig out the coding at the expense of time wastage.

To me, a very good programmer should at least remember some of the common strings and functions and able to apply them immediately upon needed. I guess I’m far away from that.

I don’t see myself to become a programmer in future but at least I need to know part of it. If Mike is going to keep his promise, as well as to accomplish his capital optimization goal, I’ll be helping him in his future company more to the management side. I want to be involved in all projects and throughout, and I really need to know all basic stuff in order to make things work.

I’ve been so busy these few days, and in fact, busier than before. I’m spending most of my time in front of the computer to start a simple website using PHP. This is the first time I’m playing with database and it seriously put weights on my tiny head.

This is a training session and I hope it will give me some immediate income as well. I’m targeting to help in the environment as well. There are too many reasons I have to continue to work hard and not indulging in online chats with babes. The most important point is that I’m jobless now and should be spending my time on self-improvement as planned, and to battle the negative looks from friends who always think I’m very free.

Each time I look into the window’s clock on the right bottom of my screen, I realise time has flown so fast.

I’m just too slow.

Two Days Internet Camp

The two-day internet “camp” had finally ended. Mike paid around two hundred bucks for me to attend it with him.

I tried to go home as early as possible on Friday night but could only doze off for three hours. The heavy rain after daylight was a huge turn-off and I got my shoes and socks wet.

The seminar was at Riverfront hotel and I was surprised with the overwhelming response from so many people. I estimated there were around three hundreds participants, inclusive of a few young children.

People were puzzled over why they wanted to conduct such seminar to teach people how to make money and somehow I got the answer. After all, it was a kind of advertising and promoting of their fame and moreover, they were selling their software, videos and books much more expensive than you could imagine after teaching everyone the usefulness.

I skipped volleyball on Saturday evening so as to rest properly since I had to answer to Mike to learn but I couldn’t doze off at all. I was in a pretty bad shape but could manage to keep myself awake.

Lunch was on Mike for both days. The first day was a buffet lunch at the hotel, which was a waste of money since we were in a rush. I guessed that probably had helped the organiser earn more money by getting commission from the restaurant.

I managed to learn quite a number of stuffs even though at times I got so sleepy when they taught stuffs which I had already known. Overall, it was quite worth the money. It was all thanks to Mike that I was able to attend it.

My Property, My Work and Collection

The thing that I dread when I wake up other than web server is down is that my files on my hard disk is gone, extra files are added or the system starts to crawl.

I begin to regret more for not getting a laptop instead so that I can safely keep it. The webcam on the monitor is eyed by my mum as well because of her whatever auntie friend in other country. My younger brother has been messing up my elder brother’s computer.

If only I’m rich that I can buy them their wants so as to safe keep my own work and data, and able to work on my, my very own, computer whenever I feel inspired.

Just imagine some newbies are waiting to use your office’s computer such that your work may be destroyed any time and that you may not be able to work when you have to.

I can’t help fearing for my stuffs and work – more than ten thousands of photos, more than ten websites and all the hundreds of poetry.

Things would probably not turn out to be very bad but to think that your years of efforts and collections are in a big risk, how would you feel?

Different Heights

Decisions lie on your hands and yet often you cannot control.

There are groups of people whom you never want to disappoint even though you are already at the end of your wits.

Time and money are directly related and you can’t take away any, except that I have none of them.

I still owe Gilbert a website which I have read the security matter on Joomla which adds on to my trouble. The expensive domain name has been idling for months.

Whereas for the beach volleyball forum, it still requires many important contents and also the installation and integration of the gallery, which are taking up hell lots of my time. The weird thing is that Guoxiong’s friend cannot give us the login information for the domain when it actually belongs to us and how would I know if all my months of efforts would be stolen one day?

I’m different from others who are already in the mid of their career development. I’m at the foot of the mountain and still preparing my gears. I cannot afford to waste time anymore and merry around with all my best friends every now and then.

Volleyball till Late Hour? No fear!

It’s all thanks to Ruoci that I’m able to stay out late with my volleyball gang. The main problem is money especially with midnight transportation.

We play volleyball till late hours on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and despite I’m in a state of no incoming coming in anymore, I always lose out to hungers. If I don’t join the gang to dine together, I would have to go on instant noodle at home and having to starve longer on the way.

The logic to why Ruoci has helped me is because since she stays much further away from Clementi, Wilson will be sending her home after dropping by my house and it makes me feel less guilty. In other words, let’s just assume Ruoci is a chiobu and Wilson has to send her home no matter what; and thus, it’s not my fault at all to make Wilson drive all the way from west to the east and back to west again.

Hence, the problem to midnight charge cab fare is solved since it’s avoided with the availability of free transport.

Bad Experience at Mediacorp

Yesterday was my fifth time at Mediacorp but it was not as smooth.

As early as 9am I had to be there but they didn’t key in my details and I was locked outside the guard house. I called Luvina but could not get through and she didn’t pick up the phone at office, whereas Row didn’t pick up her phone as well.

The cute girl came to sign me in and later, I realised her name wasn’t Row and I was quite stunned since it was the third time we met already. This time, the wardrobe auntie wanted me to wear pant instead of my jeans so that I would look more mature, thus giving me extra trouble.

The other part-timer, James, was very busy and eventually he turned out to be a real estate agent. We didn’t really talk until we reached the airport. I preferred the friends I made in the previous four times since we got to chat more.

It was a long wait before our scene started. Probably it was really a regret to promise Luvina for the turn up since things went really sick. The director as predicted was someone who was demanding yet failed to explain things well. It was probably her own problem if she were to get heart-attack since she was not satisfied with two untrained part-timers who were being paid thirty bucks each.

The actor, Huang Zong Yao, sarcastically asked, “Who trained them one?” It actually reflected how boar he was since he didn’t know part-timers didn’t get to attend any course. At one time when I felt most disgusted was when exclaimed in furious, “Don’t worry! Later we will give you a closed up shot!”

It was all about playing with the angles with the camera. God knew what the director really wanted. To experienced actors, perhaps, they knew everything well but they couldn’t expect much from others.

One thing I could easily conclude was that the production cost was really low and tight that they couldn’t afford NGs. Experienced actors had their own says and they had choices to play with their creativeness which the directors would try to not interfere much and that’s why those actors were always correct and even cause the confusion to part-timers.

I was totally turned off when I knew James and I had to take the bus back with this actor alone. We were all quiet on the way and I couldn’t doze off even though I hadn’t caught wink the entire night.

Beach and Dog

It’s good to be able to doze off at around 1am and sleep right till after 8am. I suppose the two main factors are – I slept for less than two hours the day before and I managed to doze off before the air-conditioner “warmed-up”.

We had a late beach outing yesterday and Guoxiong was supposed to meet me up for some serious discussion about the forum, and he was late for more than two hours. He came with Yali and his dog who was as strong as my ex dog – Jack. Our discussion was cut off half when Mingfa asked me to join in the game and in fact I had already typed out the few discussed points days ago.

I finally got to enjoy the “privilege” of a dog owner at the beach; while I was taking care of Guoxiong’s dog, girls were closer. I didn’t bring Jack along to the beach last time due to transportation problem. Along the way to the washroom, a girl commented the dog’s tail could be used as a brush, which seemed quite true.

I would still prefer Jack after all; he knew how to enjoy being petted especially on his throat and he would listen to commands like sit, stand, jump and lie on the back with “bang”.

We departed the beach early this time and I supposed Guoxiong and Yali didn’t have enough good time.

Dinner was at Vivocity’s food republic as usual. We had a new girl joining us and they went for movie after that whereas I was too fatigue and penniless to join.

Distracted Again

I can never understand my family members especially my mum. Whenever she’s in the living room or even kitchen, she will switch on the television set to distract me from my work; and basically she doesn’t even know what the show or programme is about.

Seriously, working at home is absolutely okay except that you need to have a really clean and personal corner. My house is too packed that I have to work in the living room and that’s too bad for me.

There are times when I’m scripting my website and bugs occur with the television set suddenly on; worst still, it’s a live site in production already.

This inspires me to work hard for my dream to at least own my own room, having a clean and neat desk, perhaps a stylish glass one.

Needless to set a target too high since it will definitely take me so long before I can get out of poverty when I don’t even have a job now, I shall first learn to overcome all the irritation meanwhile.

Come to think of it, who knows in near future I can never get such distraction anymore and it only spells more loneliness.

Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

I have been working hard on . Please kindly help to add the link to your blog even if you don’t play volleyball.

Put the name as “Beach Volleyball Singapore” or “Singapore Volleyball Forum”, or you may use “SG” instead of “Singapore”; it’s up to your convenience.

If you don’t mind a link back, please kindly message me.

Cute Administrator

Marina South Pier at 6.30am

Marina South Pier just right before daylight was really tranquility.

I finally achieved my dream ever since quitting my previous job. A month later, on this early morning after I tried to sleep too early at 12+am and woke up at around 3am, I couldn’t get back to sleep, and decided to fulfill my dream no matter what.

Probably it was due to the air conditioner problem. I could stand cold but not for a long period of time and usually when I went to bed late, I wouldn’t have much of suffer to bear. My family loved to abuse the air-conditioners no matter how poor we were and often I still had to listen to my mum’s grumbling about lack of money when she didn’t even try to cut down on cost.

I held on to 5am before I started packing up to leave half an hour later. There were a few measures taken like studying the weather before leaving and avoid stepping on dark spots in case my shoes got wet. However, I forgot to bring a few dollars with me in case I needed to drench my thirst or take a cab home.

I felt weird after not jogging for more than a month. I managed to regain consistency after half of the journey. It was freezing all along early in the morning and I didn’t wear a sweater since I didn’t want to wet it. There was nobody else jogging like the usual evenings and there was hardly any vehicle. I almost tripped a couple of times when I came into spots where the branches had blocked the street lamps.

I persisted on no matter how tired I was and I dragged my feet along. I could have done better in the past when I wanted to impress others but I realised I was all alone this time.