Bad Experience at Mediacorp

Yesterday was my fifth time at Mediacorp but it was not as smooth.

As early as 9am I had to be there but they didn’t key in my details and I was locked outside the guard house. I called Luvina but could not get through and she didn’t pick up the phone at office, whereas Row didn’t pick up her phone as well.

The cute girl came to sign me in and later, I realised her name wasn’t Row and I was quite stunned since it was the third time we met already. This time, the wardrobe auntie wanted me to wear pant instead of my jeans so that I would look more mature, thus giving me extra trouble.

The other part-timer, James, was very busy and eventually he turned out to be a real estate agent. We didn’t really talk until we reached the airport. I preferred the friends I made in the previous four times since we got to chat more.

It was a long wait before our scene started. Probably it was really a regret to promise Luvina for the turn up since things went really sick. The director as predicted was someone who was demanding yet failed to explain things well. It was probably her own problem if she were to get heart-attack since she was not satisfied with two untrained part-timers who were being paid thirty bucks each.

The actor, Huang Zong Yao, sarcastically asked, “Who trained them one?” It actually reflected how boar he was since he didn’t know part-timers didn’t get to attend any course. At one time when I felt most disgusted was when exclaimed in furious, “Don’t worry! Later we will give you a closed up shot!”

It was all about playing with the angles with the camera. God knew what the director really wanted. To experienced actors, perhaps, they knew everything well but they couldn’t expect much from others.

One thing I could easily conclude was that the production cost was really low and tight that they couldn’t afford NGs. Experienced actors had their own says and they had choices to play with their creativeness which the directors would try to not interfere much and that’s why those actors were always correct and even cause the confusion to part-timers.

I was totally turned off when I knew James and I had to take the bus back with this actor alone. We were all quiet on the way and I couldn’t doze off even though I hadn’t caught wink the entire night.

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