Belated Farewell Dinner

My belated farewell dinner was finally up on Friday, together with Terry, Ashqi and Weiyeow’s. I was very disappointed that both Siewming and Liza didn’t join us, especially Liza, for she had tasted much nuisance from a few of the assholes.

I was given a card, an umbrella, a tube of sunblock lotion and a blue towel; these people were so sweet and cute to come up with the ideas as they thought my current umbrella was lousy and that I frequented the beach often. However, they didn’t realise that I would probably be unbearable to use the new and pretty items.

I heard there were quite a number of changes, which could be considered as improvements but I was thinking if some people were doing kind just for the sake of gaining popularity. I simply hoped that the remaining people would have better lives.

Anyway, I didn’t get to take individual pictures with them since I was sitting at the centre by the wall and it was extremely difficult to get out. Ashqi was the lucky guy who got to take photos with all the girls.

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