Different Heights

Decisions lie on your hands and yet often you cannot control.

There are groups of people whom you never want to disappoint even though you are already at the end of your wits.

Time and money are directly related and you can’t take away any, except that I have none of them.

I still owe Gilbert a website which I have read the security matter on Joomla which adds on to my trouble. The expensive domain name has been idling for months.

Whereas for the beach volleyball forum, it still requires many important contents and also the installation and integration of the gallery, which are taking up hell lots of my time. The weird thing is that Guoxiong’s friend cannot give us the login information for the domain when it actually belongs to us and how would I know if all my months of efforts would be stolen one day?

I’m different from others who are already in the mid of their career development. I’m at the foot of the mountain and still preparing my gears. I cannot afford to waste time anymore and merry around with all my best friends every now and then.

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