Distracted Again

I can never understand my family members especially my mum. Whenever she’s in the living room or even kitchen, she will switch on the television set to distract me from my work; and basically she doesn’t even know what the show or programme is about.

Seriously, working at home is absolutely okay except that you need to have a really clean and personal corner. My house is too packed that I have to work in the living room and that’s too bad for me.

There are times when I’m scripting my website and bugs occur with the television set suddenly on; worst still, it’s a live site in production already.

This inspires me to work hard for my dream to at least own my own room, having a clean and neat desk, perhaps a stylish glass one.

Needless to set a target too high since it will definitely take me so long before I can get out of poverty when I don’t even have a job now, I shall first learn to overcome all the irritation meanwhile.

Come to think of it, who knows in near future I can never get such distraction anymore and it only spells more loneliness.

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