Marina South Pier at 6.30am

Marina South Pier just right before daylight was really tranquility.

I finally achieved my dream ever since quitting my previous job. A month later, on this early morning after I tried to sleep too early at 12+am and woke up at around 3am, I couldn’t get back to sleep, and decided to fulfill my dream no matter what.

Probably it was due to the air conditioner problem. I could stand cold but not for a long period of time and usually when I went to bed late, I wouldn’t have much of suffer to bear. My family loved to abuse the air-conditioners no matter how poor we were and often I still had to listen to my mum’s grumbling about lack of money when she didn’t even try to cut down on cost.

I held on to 5am before I started packing up to leave half an hour later. There were a few measures taken like studying the weather before leaving and avoid stepping on dark spots in case my shoes got wet. However, I forgot to bring a few dollars with me in case I needed to drench my thirst or take a cab home.

I felt weird after not jogging for more than a month. I managed to regain consistency after half of the journey. It was freezing all along early in the morning and I didn’t wear a sweater since I didn’t want to wet it. There was nobody else jogging like the usual evenings and there was hardly any vehicle. I almost tripped a couple of times when I came into spots where the branches had blocked the street lamps.

I persisted on no matter how tired I was and I dragged my feet along. I could have done better in the past when I wanted to impress others but I realised I was all alone this time.

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