My Property, My Work and Collection

The thing that I dread when I wake up other than web server is down is that my files on my hard disk is gone, extra files are added or the system starts to crawl.

I begin to regret more for not getting a laptop instead so that I can safely keep it. The webcam on the monitor is eyed by my mum as well because of her whatever auntie friend in other country. My younger brother has been messing up my elder brother’s computer.

If only I’m rich that I can buy them their wants so as to safe keep my own work and data, and able to work on my, my very own, computer whenever I feel inspired.

Just imagine some newbies are waiting to use your office’s computer such that your work may be destroyed any time and that you may not be able to work when you have to.

I can’t help fearing for my stuffs and work – more than ten thousands of photos, more than ten websites and all the hundreds of poetry.

Things would probably not turn out to be very bad but to think that your years of efforts and collections are in a big risk, how would you feel?

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