One Click for Two

Gilbert recommended me to get A4Tech mouse. I checked the internet and saw that all the new series had an extra button on the left click button beside the wheel. It was for the purpose of “no more double click”, so that you could open a file with a single click. That was really creative but it reminded me of my Logitech mouse.

I don’t really need the button since double clicking has been a habit but it seems that I can’t kick the new feature away. It appears randomly on my Logitech mouse and I have been slowed down by it for more than two weeks already.

Imagine when you are dragging a file to another folder halfway, the file drops and soon you realise you are opening another file which your mouse pointer is at. Sometimes when I close a file, the file or folder behind will be closed as well. Highlighting texts is a major issue as well. So much time has been wasted.

I came across the Logitech mouse which Kachua recommended but I didn’t buy it. However, A4Tech mouse seemed so rare at Sim Lim Square and I really didn’t want to get another Logitech mouse, having the same problem again after a few years…

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