Server is up but not Really Up

I was so amazed by the server management company who took more than twenty-four hours to reformat and install the server. For the past few days ever since the big chaos was created, I had been fighting against the downtime of the FTP. For a couple of times, I even woke up by the thought of the server would be ready.

I have somehow lost trust in IT companies due to their efficiency. I believe the entire market in the world is like a disgusting company which I have worked in, that manpower shortage has somehow been delaying the delivery of work for clients.

Some companies are considered well-established but they may not provide the results.

I have been really hardworking for the past few days and persisted to work on PHP. The server has also been determined to slow down my work by not letting me log in.

Luckily, I’m not the one paying for the server and the management.

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