Sleep Early, Wake up Early

I did an impressive improvement of sleeping at 3am and waking up at 8am. It took me some sweat to finally meet up with Irwin.

We had breakfast at MacDonald’s and proceeded to Telok Blangah Drive to chat. As it was pouring upon reaching the bus-stop, we sat there to chill up and the oncoming buses put in dizziness each time they braked. We crossed over the overhead bridge and camped under a shelter where it was cosy enough for both of us.

Irwin did his reflection on my current situation and also implanted some good logics into my brain. From then on, I started thinking about income, expense, asset and liability. I needed the drive from him, which might bring me out of my poverty and foolish life. Girls were considered as liability as well.

Jingkun finally called me in the mid afternoon. I supposed I was the last person to be informed again. By the time I reached Stephen’s condominium at Anchor Rage, most of them had already arrived and playing inside the pool. I only got to soak myself inside the water for a while and had to get changed.

We went to Queensway Shopping Centre before going to Ikea for dinner. The roasted chicken with mashed potato and vegetable seemed small but did actually quite fill my stomach with the small cup of drinks. One bitch refused to open her eyes and decided to sashay backwards and knocked into me. My drink was spilled and she didn’t even apologise, luckily for I was strong enough to resist the full impact of her elephant mass.

I dozed off for a while and they were playing card games and I agreed to join in without knowing they were playing with money. We went down to the petrol station’s 7-11 store to get drinks and titbits. Kachua and his girlfriend joined us before we proceeded back to the swimming pool where a couple were sitting by. The girl was so sweet and the guy was the luckiest guy on earth after we went up.

I got disappointed when everyone started to leave one by one and with the announcement of the beach outing being cancelled, thus wasting my effort to bring along extra clothes.

I played Playstation2 with them and got so engrossed with the volleyball game. We ended the day by watching VCD and all of them dozed off except Jingkun. I stayed up until 7am and woke up at 9am, hence, resuming my “sleep early and wake up early” plan for the second day.

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