Two Days Internet Camp

The two-day internet “camp” had finally ended. Mike paid around two hundred bucks for me to attend it with him.

I tried to go home as early as possible on Friday night but could only doze off for three hours. The heavy rain after daylight was a huge turn-off and I got my shoes and socks wet.

The seminar was at Riverfront hotel and I was surprised with the overwhelming response from so many people. I estimated there were around three hundreds participants, inclusive of a few young children.

People were puzzled over why they wanted to conduct such seminar to teach people how to make money and somehow I got the answer. After all, it was a kind of advertising and promoting of their fame and moreover, they were selling their software, videos and books much more expensive than you could imagine after teaching everyone the usefulness.

I skipped volleyball on Saturday evening so as to rest properly since I had to answer to Mike to learn but I couldn’t doze off at all. I was in a pretty bad shape but could manage to keep myself awake.

Lunch was on Mike for both days. The first day was a buffet lunch at the hotel, which was a waste of money since we were in a rush. I guessed that probably had helped the organiser earn more money by getting commission from the restaurant.

I managed to learn quite a number of stuffs even though at times I got so sleepy when they taught stuffs which I had already known. Overall, it was quite worth the money. It was all thanks to Mike that I was able to attend it.

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