Volleyball till Late Hour? No fear!

It’s all thanks to Ruoci that I’m able to stay out late with my volleyball gang. The main problem is money especially with midnight transportation.

We play volleyball till late hours on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and despite I’m in a state of no incoming coming in anymore, I always lose out to hungers. If I don’t join the gang to dine together, I would have to go on instant noodle at home and having to starve longer on the way.

The logic to why Ruoci has helped me is because since she stays much further away from Clementi, Wilson will be sending her home after dropping by my house and it makes me feel less guilty. In other words, let’s just assume Ruoci is a chiobu and Wilson has to send her home no matter what; and thus, it’s not my fault at all to make Wilson drive all the way from west to the east and back to west again.

Hence, the problem to midnight charge cab fare is solved since it’s avoided with the availability of free transport.

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