Website, Volleyball and Supper

I woke up to see the clock, expecting it would be 3pm like usual. To my surprise, it was around 6pm already.

I went back to the computer right away to see disappointment that there was problem with the FTP file transfer which I left it to work before I went off.

I was busy with the beach volleyball website ), trying to integrate the forum with the gallery properly. I went through the help forum to seek for the solution and finally there was progress but I had to wait for the FTP transfer for further action.

Suddenly, I realised there was volleyball game and luckily it was at 8pm instead of 7pm. My lunch was on the table and luckily it was still edible.

I could feel my head spinning at the start of the game. It was pretty crowded and we had to form three teams, which was good since everyone had a chance to be left out of the court, unlike sometimes that only a few of us had to be sacrificed. We had rare guest like Meishan and I supposed it was the first time I chatted with her face to face after knowing and crapping with her over the internet for quite a number of years. Once again it was proven that I was too insignificant and my invitation always failed but others could do wonders.

It was really difficult to play as a setter. Some people were pulling faces and nobody would know if it was due to me. Some people were expecting me to give them the balls every time and I had to give others chances. I finally got to play as spiker in the last game. Mingfa knew I hadn’t been spiking for so long and he gave me “shorter” balls, which I was able to catch the timing well and create sound on the opponents’ ground.

Since it was already late that I would probably be able to catch my favourite show on channel 8 for at most fifteen minutes, I decided to join them for dinner/supper. We went to Bukit Timah and it was where one of the best roti prata was served in Singapore. After that, as usual, Wilson took the longest journey to send Ruoci to Bedok while Weitat drove me home. After the rest of them got off, that was the only time I got to really chat with Weitat, which was really sad.

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