Working Hard on Database

I know nuts about the functions and strings of programming languages because my memory is so poor that they cannot be squeezed into my small brain. It’s all thanks to the internet that I’m able to dig out the coding at the expense of time wastage.

To me, a very good programmer should at least remember some of the common strings and functions and able to apply them immediately upon needed. I guess I’m far away from that.

I don’t see myself to become a programmer in future but at least I need to know part of it. If Mike is going to keep his promise, as well as to accomplish his capital optimization goal, I’ll be helping him in his future company more to the management side. I want to be involved in all projects and throughout, and I really need to know all basic stuff in order to make things work.

I’ve been so busy these few days, and in fact, busier than before. I’m spending most of my time in front of the computer to start a simple website using PHP. This is the first time I’m playing with database and it seriously put weights on my tiny head.

This is a training session and I hope it will give me some immediate income as well. I’m targeting to help in the environment as well. There are too many reasons I have to continue to work hard and not indulging in online chats with babes. The most important point is that I’m jobless now and should be spending my time on self-improvement as planned, and to battle the negative looks from friends who always think I’m very free.

Each time I look into the window’s clock on the right bottom of my screen, I realise time has flown so fast.

I’m just too slow.

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