New Job Interview

I’m going for interviewing soon on next Tuesday and seriously time is running out. Thanks to Jingkun anyway for speaking up for me because I hate throwing myself at others, selling my good points by myself. I did not even do it during my previous interview, which I still managed to get into that company anyway.

What has it got to do with time is running out? I believe I would get the job given the opportunity to allow Mr Peh to judge me on Saturdays and that they are really short of staffs. To get a job means that I would definitely have less time to do my own websites. I have two domain names waiting for me to nurture them and announce them to the internet world.

I’m slow with lots of distractions at home; but in the past two months, I have managed to get things started. There are just too many things for me to handle on this lonely path.

I’m more efficient with more immediate things coming in at the same time, such that I will not slack as much as now. However, when I begin my job, I have to study so hard at the same time in order to be a good lecturer, and I may not have the time to continue with my projects.

The guilt that I still owe Gilbert our website is piercing at me daily without fail.

But there is one thing I have learnt from Mike that we should not be rushing on things, and instead, do them to the best even when we are lagging behind others.

I’m hesitating at the “quit smoking” site for the contents because my main objectives are just the interactivity and I really need to move on. I need to focus on them for the next few days before I weigh the balance between outstanding and good job.

Filming with Fiona Xie and Dinner with Ben and Jesedy

It was a rainy day. I met the female “reporter” whom I saw a week ago. She was quite nice but a pity that our ages were too far apart and did not have endless topics to chat about. Fiona Xie was sitting in front of me on the packed bus and I was pretty disappointed that we had to travel to as far as Woodlands.

The scenes involved many extras to be walking around or purchasing stuffs at the pasar malam. Since Fiona’s Chinese was not as good as other celebrities, we were worried that the scenes would be delayed due to NGs; moreover, the scenes involved a lot of dialogues.

I was scared at first when our prediction seemed very true but it happened that after the first scene, things went pretty smooth. I hated the same old heavy video camera and this time, the impact on my right shoulder was great. The same botak producer was a nice guy, which was a blessing after all.

When we reached Fiona Xie to start the “filming” on her, the producer enlightened me that they would usually close one eye while using the video camera. It was kind of common sense in fact, and especially when I had experiences holding camera, but it slipped off my mind inevitably. It was not a working video camera and once I closed my left eye, I could see nothing with my right eye blocked by the view finder which was not showing anything at all. I totally knew nuts about how near I was supposed to lean forward and they even had to keep telling me to point the video camera more upwards. While waiting in between scenes, one of the young staffs offered me a chair and I was quite impressed by him for I did not expect him to treat part-timers this good.

I got almost an hour of rest time after my scenes were over because the bus was supposed to send everyone back. At the end of the day, the extras were surrounding Fiona Xie to take photos with her. I did not join in the fun; otherwise I could have shown off to everyone with the photos.

Back at MediaCorp, I went to the Annex Building to look for Jesedy. That was the second time I saw her. It was good to be able to meet up her colleagues who had talked over the phone with me before. Monica recognised me while I was still a distance away from them since she had seen my photos before.

Later on, I had some cold sweat while listening to Jesedy and Ben’s phone conversation. We waited very long for bus 93 and Jesedy decided to take a cab. We met up Ben at Vivo City and camped quite long at the Safari pet shop to look at dogs. After which, we had dinner at Food Republic. The couple knew well that I was jobless and insisted it was their treat.

Unlike other girls, Jesedy knew well Ben and I had not met up for ages and she gave us quality time to chat and gossip without interfering. I supposed she have it all planned since we met up at MediaCorp, otherwise, there might be a cold war after we departed.

Fighting Spammers

I had long hours of battling against spammers, reporting their URL to Google and Technorati, and also updating of ban filter and removing of spammers from .
I came across websites which were actually duplicates. They shamelessly copied my old blog’s contents, which I managed to make some pocket money for a couple of months. It could be one of my greatest glories in my life that the Google page rank was at 6, which was so much better than other useful websites.
I see an increase of spammers from China and Russia from the spammers’ IP addresses, and I suspect a couple of those lame ones who copy site contents are from Singapore.
Shameless lamers are trying all ways to make money.

New Smoking Site Still in Development

I finally decided on the new domain name for my quit smoking website and bought it two days ago in the early morning. However, Mike’s webhost’s side had some problems and we could not create the webspace for the new domain. Luckily, the site was not really for launch at that point of time and thus I was not really frustrated. However, it gave me more doubts in the efficiency of the webhosting company because someone inside probably had an itchy hand since it was working fine a month back.

Anyway, after more than forty-eight hours, the development site is finally moved to the new domain name but it will not be announced until development phase is over.

I’m dead tired after the month of endurance in the loner track, having to do all the designing, programming, researching and testing myself. It is true that only I know what I really want but progress is far too strenuous and lonely. My initial plan is to learn programming but I do not want my effort to go into waste and thus the contents have to be solid. I cannot be the best but I can do my best.

There are ideas to make the site more interactive but more research and programming have to be done.

Visiting Chinese Physician

I finally went to visit the Chinese physician after so many months of dry cough because of the gasp for breath recently during volleyball games. It was a free Buddhist clinic and it only functioned for two hours every morning during weekdays.

I was happy to see the same old doctor whom I used to be visiting for the same problem when I was young. Age had brought more wrinkles to his face.

After taking the medicine, I felt better upon waking up.

Boring Volleyball Games

It is impossible to play volleyball with some people who think highly of themselves. It is a game of six players on each side; if you like to play two persons’ game, go to the beach instead. You can jolly well go back to your previous team-mates and not spoiling other team’s fun.

When you get to see faces which do not seem to be interested on your side of the court after you repeatedly make merry around, do sense something is wrong.

My cough, sprained left finger, weird right shoulder and serious pull on my right leg have weakened me so much. I seriously wonder how much longer I can play on.

Anyway, the uncomfortable feeling of playing does not seem to go away; it could be due to lack of seriousness, too many unfamiliar faces or emerging of smaller groups.

Whatever the case, I suppose I should stick to my plan and focus on career instead.

Time and Money

Appointments always crash.

It is also on my part to play sometimes for the restriction. Vitamin “M” gets better of me. It is pretty good enough that I can survive till this day, being jobless other than earning less than hundred each month at Mediacorp.

I do not like to make things difficult for event organisers but I have to be firm and reject. It is impossible to accommodate to everyone’s request and I have to make sure I have enough vitamin in order to stay alive.

It is frustrating sometimes when things do not work out correctly, but it can be comforting to view in other angles.

Free Pizza during Filming

As expected, I could not doze off easily again. Even at 4am when Jenrine SMSed me, I could get up to switch on my computer for her without any hesitation.

This time, I met a designer and a singer while waiting for the arrival of the bus. I was shocked when I received two sets of clothes from the wardrobe because I knew I could never leave early. Tiredness had overwhelmed me and I pinned my head on the table. One thing that I found it so cute was to receive my scripts in an envelope with my name written nicely.

Monica called me to ask me to film for a show the next morning together with Yao Yishan and Dawn Yeo but that was really early and I did not want to waste any buck on cab. Moreover, I thought I had to go down to ITE Clementi personally to submit my resume, which Jingkun later told me he could help me to print it out. I was quite tempted to film since it was inside a kitchen, which was a new experience and I had this feeling that the people for that show were very nice somehow. After all, I felt guilty for rejecting Monica.

The same bus took everyone to the same funeral place at Xinmin like last Saturday. It started to rain immediately and all of us had to wait for the rain to stop before we got started. There was no big shot around and I only knew Mo Xiao Ling. Since the scenes were funny, the atmosphere was quite good.

I quite liked the botak producer as he did not show any temper. One of the uncles among the prop staffs was quite friendly to me, whereas the rest of them did not really bother to chat with the part-timers. I preferred making friends with such person than any super star.

I was given very old video camera to pretend filming besides the reporters. It was pretty heavy and luckily I was able to withhold it when my body was weak. For a couple of times, they even decided not to show the camera in case the audience would realise it might not be working.

Another two part-timers arrived later, one acting as female reporter and she seemed to be quite experienced, whereas the male one, Vincent, acted as a HDB officer. The designer who got there together with me earlier left with the Mediacorp’s bus. I started chatting a lot with Vincent and we could click very well. I could have strike lottery for I got to eat a piece of Canadian pizza because such free lunch from Mediacorp was almost impossible!

The female reporter left after her scene since her boyfriend was there to pick her up. Both Vincent and I were sent off soon by the same bus. We chatted throughout the journey until my bus arrived. I could have gone up to the Annex building to meet up with Jesedy and her colleagues but I only got to read her SMS when I was halfway to the bus-stop.

To conclude, not all Vincents in this world are bad guys.

Filming at Funeral, Volleyball and Supper

Last Saturday, I was “tricked” to go down to MediaCorp earlier. CC called me at around 11am and told me to be there by 12pm. In order not to waste time, I even chased after the bus for nearly a stop. In the end, I waited there for more than two hours in the rain.

We were at Xinmin for a “funeral” in the new show “新加坡屋顶下” (Singapore’s Under Roof). It was pretty disappointing for most of the actors and actresses were old people and Fiona Xie was not involved in the scenes; I teased my friends that I would help them to look at her since they could not get to see her, even though I was interested nor idol-crazy. The two biggest shots around were Huang Wenyong and Chen Liping but they did not carry any air.

The uncle who acted as a monk was very impressive and he could even chant so causally. Another Indian guy was acting as “Kumar” and he could speak some simple mandarin and that was cool. I got to know Sara and she was very experienced as a part-timer, however, she spent most of the time indulging in her mobile phone game.

The producer was plump and fierce but I believed he was very professional. There were many NGs and I waited so long for my scene until I was given a very old unworkable camera, which was a big turn-off. Basically, I was just the photographer besides the reporter at a funeral and my face would most probably not be shown much with the large crowd squeezing into the camera.

Sara corrected me that they actually paid part-timers thirty bucks for working less than ten hours and not six hours; and if working hours were to stretch longer than that, they would only give extra ten bucks. The pay was actually so pathetic and I supposed I have to think thrice before accepting anymore project in future, depending on the amount of time required.

I was quite lucky that Sara stayed at Clementi and she told me bus 52 might reach the nearest bus-stop to Clementi ITE, otherwise I might have taken bus 165, which would take much longer time and I had to stop at Clementi bus-interchange. We took the bus together.

“Volleyballing” was pretty bad with my knee problem; it was more of the vein under my right knee giving me the aching and refusing me to jump normally to get my timing correct. I played as setter for the first set with Stephen and Mingfa’s students in my sprained fingers, and we lost quite badly. Later on, I got to play with my team-mates but I was unable to jump well…

Wilson sent Weitat home to fetch his dad’s car before coming back. Then, I took Wilson’s car and we went to fetch Ruoci before going to Bedok 85. The drinks stall uncle was so eager to get our business but he was so stubborn and stupid in arranging the tables; it was simply shifting one table to join the existing two joint tables but he preferred to move the couple to the loner. I was so worried that Wilson would start quarrelling with him and actually, I preferred to take a few of the separated grounded tables and buy drinks from other stalls. I was not sure if this old man was from the same stall as the old “ah lian” who gave me almost the same problem months back, but it definitely made dining there a nuisance.

On the way home, we travelled by KPE and it was quite exciting when the back cars tried to overtake us when Wilson was maintaining the speed limit at 70km/h well. The cars had definitely sped up to a bit more than 80km/h but the cameras seemed too tired to do their jobs.

I was very stunned when Wilson missed the exit to Keppel road at ECP because his memory was very good and I did not realise he would forget my existence and wanted to go to the west immediately. In the end, he had to make a U-turn after the next exit.