Contact Me Form’s Big Bug Solved

To whoever had used and submitted the “contact me” form in my website, there was a little problem and thus I had been receiving only empty emails. It could due to some server’s configuration after it was reformatted that a few strings had to be changed.

I’m revamping the entire site to cater for Firefox lovers, with new design and fixing of bugs. Since the current site is done using frames and I’m removing it under the new design, it requires lots of time.

There are many problems such as Blogger not accepting PHP codes and thus I need to put in great consideration to decide the next step with everything half done. And after years, I’m still thinking of switching to WordPress except that I realise I have to learn how to code the template, which requires more time.

I see a greater need to do some more useful websites and the new design is put on hold currently (need to breathe). My hope to complete it before my birthday has been crashed and I know I have to stay at home more often in order to not get myself wasted.

However, since I have been receiving more empty emails recently, I have fixed the bugs on the “contact me” form. Thanks to the people who are concern and have tried out the form, please go back to test it again!

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