My Birthday 2007

I received two presents and an “ang bao”. Obviously, the “ang bao” was from my mum.
The first present was a G-Shock watch and that was my first G-Shock even though many friends already had one when they were even in primary school. My team-mates bought the watch for me and another Baby-G for Ruoci.
Next was a Logitech mouse cum keyboard set from Kian Wee, Gilbert and Barnie. Gilbert obviously knew what I really needed since he was one of my closest friends. The mouse certainly did me good since my old one was spoilt and could not function properly sometimes. Whereas the keyboard would certainly give me the ability to type better and thus faster since my old one was an antique; the best thing was that it came without “insert” button and yet, with some media controls at the top.
Thanks for the birthday wishes and presents.
I do not really like receiving present even though it will make me feel that I have more friends because in future I will feel guilty if I do not give my friends nice presents. It is a torture to think of what to buy for whoever as my brain cells is already killed by my late night sleep and websites.
I had dinner with my family on Saturday night, which was the eve of my birthday. We went to Marina South for steamboat since my mum had been mentioning about that place for quite long. We went to the famous “Zheng Fa” where they gave live crab and prawns but it was a letdown to receive a smelly crab which stunk a lot even after cooked. All the food was so salty that I gave up after a while. My younger brother had diarrhoea for the two days.
On Sunday, my actual birthday, I went to the beach with my team-mates and sadly, many of them could not make it. I missed my ex poly gathering because of it and the worst thing was that my secretary promised me a kiss if I were to make it. I supposed none of the ex classmates knew it was my birthday except for Wenchang and thus it would be weird for me to join them on that day anyway. We were cursed and lost every game to a group of beach fanatics who went down every weekend. At night, we went to Tiong Bahru for steamboat where others joined in. They got me a cake since I didn’t have any this year but I felt so weird and remorseful for wasting their money. It began to drizzle as we began to blow the candles.
I met up with Gilbert and Raymond (Barney) at Cityhall on Monday. Both Gilbert and I were very shocked when we realised Raymond was on time when we were even suspecting he might fly us aeroplane again. We went to Marina Square’s food court for our dinner. Raymond did not sleep due to project while Gilbert was dying of weekends burnt, and thus I felt guilty for them to turn up. I did not watch many cartoons when I was young and thus when Raymond started to sing “his” song, I was quite amazed, but only by the rhythm.
Barney Theme Song Lyrics
Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination
And when he’s tall
he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation
Barney’s friends are big and small
they come from lots of places
after school they meet to play
and sing with happy faces
Barney shows us lots of things
Like how to play pretend
ABC’s, and 123’s
And how to be a friend
Barney comes to play with us
Whenever we may need him
Barney can be your friend too
If you just make-believe him!

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