The “Last Minute” Volleyball Game

I woke up and checked my phone which had been on silent mode for days or even weeks. I felt weird to receive Kok Chiang’s SMS to inform me that there was volleyball game at 6pm even though it was a holiday. I looked at the clock and realised it was less than two hours to go. The most tedious thing was to finish up my cold packet lunch when my brain was not fully awakened yet.

Even though it was so “last minute”, I was so excited about it because somehow playing volleyball made my mind more active and able to continue battling with my websites. So much for my lack of discipline mainly due to designer’s block, I was all ready to get inspired. One weird thing I noticed about myself was that battling against time occasionally could raise efficiency.

My worst nightmare arrived when I was at the court and I knew it was inevitable. My right arm was strengthless because I did not sleep properly hours ago and it would take about a day to recover. I felt pretty useless at the court because of the weakness and I lost the chance to raise my spirit.

Dinner was at West Coast, opposite Ginza Plaza and it was great. The hawkers over there were really friendly and interesting, and I admired the drinks stall auntie so much for her good memory.

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