Spammers Suck

Spam – a disruptive, esp. commercial message posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail. Nowadays, it works as SMS as well.

I hate spams. Spammers are disgusting, worthless, shameless and low-lying creatures trying to fool people to purchase their unworthy and unwanted services or products.

Here is one spammer of the day:
from FEO: New Launch-SHIT on 16 Nov, FH,Bukit Timah. 1.5% Agent Comm till 18Nov. Reg your interests now. Admission by apointment.Call Eric 96396573

This uncle must have failed English because he cannot even spell “appointment” properly. He could have used “appt” instead if he wanted to use short form and that was obviously a typo error.

So, nowadays spammers are really scamming that they use other number to spam you and even dare to put the “” sign in front, thinking that it is not considered as spam with that. Hell you I don’t even know you.

Suddenly I realise it would be fun when the spammers get spammed and thinking if they should report to the police, saying they have been spamming people and that is why they get spammed.

To conclude, I sincerely pray hard that the spammers will not receive prank calls in the early mornings. I just realise I’m such a nice person.

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